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  • 4. Has Anything Changed?

    When the Zionist forces fired on the Muslim crowds in the precincts of the Aqsa, it was a proclamation of the coup de grace of the peace process, that miscarriage whose difficult birth was delayed for several years. When Israeli helicopters bombed some of Arafat's Palestinian authority's administration buildings, it was really shattering the Oslo accords.

    Thus, the Jews turned back on what they had accomplished, burning what they had nurtured for so long. What changed? Why? This requires that we review the causes behind Madrid and Oslo, and the United States middle-east policy according to the Zionist plan.

    After the inauspicious Madrid peace conference I made the following statement:

    “The so-called peace process has not come about due to changes in international conditions and the end of the stage of the Cold War, and in harmony with the requirements of international accords, as it is pictured in the Western media and its Arab retinue. These changes themselves only came as a result of the fundamental cause of the changes, the Zionist plan for world domination, especially in the Islamic world.

    “This plan –to put it simply- has changed from the idea of establishing Greater Israel, or to put it more correctly, that idea has changed due to necessity because of essential characteristics of the Israeli State. After forty years the Jewish State finds itself to be a composition of contradictory forces, a foreign entity within a sea of enemies.

    “On the security level it was unsuccessful in controlling the Palestinian territories which it had swallowed, so how could it further expand? And Lebanon, its weakest and least threatening neighbor, proved to be a continuous source of endless anxiety and trouble even after the total destruction that had befallen it. [Now, during the latest intifadha, Lebanon is the only active front].

    “The population problem is one of the deepest and most far-reaching problems. Many Jews were never tricked by the honey-coated promises and glittering illusions of migration to a land swarming with social problems, from deteriorating security to a detested class-system, to suicidal political division, etc. When snakes of all types gather together they must taste each other's poison, in addition to the stones of the Muslim youths that continually crush their heads, so how much more so when the matter turns to bullets?

    “The Jewish State feared the rising tide of reverse migration, and the failed attempts to promote procreation. Statistics appeared showing that for every Palestinian Muslim martyr dozens were born to take his place. Indisputable Israeli experience demonstrates that she is unable to eliminate the opposition herself. For their annihilation she depends on her agents in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, and elsewhere.

    “So why should she not work hand in hand with them to implement a new plan in which Israel will renounce its claim to the wider Biblical territories in exchange for narrower borders? This is not strange coming from Jewish doctrine which believes in bada' 6, and in which the Rabbis correct the mistakes of God. Furthermore, in order to convince the Westerner who is enamored of democracy and human rights, Israel cannot remain a big military enclave and prison camp forever.

    “Similarly, the Arab boycott however ineffective, remained a psychological barrier for the people of the region. Therefore, it was necessary to fabricate a tactical movement in which the Jews would withdraw from certain areas and surrender them to what is called 'limited self-government,' so as to complete the greater strategic goal in which they would give up geographical expansion in exchange for political, economic and social penetration which more than one observer called: 'the United States of the Middle East.'

    “In this manner the opening of cultural, social and economic borders and the announcement of the opening of political channels will lead to the Jews becoming to the Middle East what they are to New York. The Muslims' resources will become their buried treasure, their universities and cultural institutions will become their dens, their financial centers will become their marketplaces for their goods, and the general Arab population will toil as laborers in the service of their Jewish lords.

    “This is the goal of the supposed peace no matter how much they attempt to conceal it. The Zionist plan was not changed impromptu, nor was it the exclusive result of field studies or scholarly research. Rather, its causes and roots extend deeper, to the hidden psychological reserves which are the true natural Jewish disposition, and the reality of Jewish history both ancient and modern. The establishment of a distinct and independent Jewish entity like all other political or religious entities in the world contradicts that psychological and historical disposition. The biggest mistake of those designers of dreams of return from the Babylonian exile until the European oppression, which was planned by Herzl, Feishman, and Weizman, is that they were ignorant of, or ignored that reality. Thus, when the sought-after entity was established, that reality appeared like the sun coming from behind the clouds.

    “It is not news to the Jews or to observers of the modern Zionist movement, that there are Jewish religious and philosophical groups that reject the establishment of a distinct Jewish state. They are a reflection of the Biblical prophecies upon its followers, claiming that the establishment of a state is a harbinger of destruction for Judaism, for which there is a great deal of evidence from Biblical texts as well as historical facts.

    “The Israeli state embodies the great dilemma in which the Jews find themselves, in which the limitless racist dreams of the Talmud clash with the reality of the ailing Jewish psyche which has never been the leader in any affair, not even its own. So how could it be the leader of the whole world? For this reason, she awaits the advent of the promised Messiah who will bear that role for her.

    “If the Jews are to be the leaders of an affair, even their own in our age, it will be for the first time in their history , but that is something that is never meant to be. They are like a parasitic vine that can only grow on a host tree, or the intestinal worm that can only live on the food of its host. From the incident of Banu Qaynuqa` in which the (Muslim) hypocrites were the official spokesmen, to the conspiracy of the Confederates, in which the army was that of Quraysh and their allies, not the army of Quraytha and their (Jewish) brethren, to the American administration in which the Jews continue to control the largest portion of the economy, media, and political influence, they use people like Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and Bush who are all Christian.

    “They lived within the bowels of Europe experiencing the Crusader-like hatred of the Christians only with a covenant of protection from the people, and now that they have become, for the first time in nearly two-thousand years, a state and government, the divine law has once again become apparent:

    'You suppose that they are united, but their hearts are divided.' –al-Hashr 59:15.

    “This state swarms with contradictions and conflicts, it begs from the entire world and presses the Jews and others everywhere for donations, and it cannot do without an American representative in every international gathering, although it appears to play the part of the fox for America's tiger. 7

    “They always control the puppet from behind the curtain. If they appeared on the stage they would be exposed and the magic would be gone. They are careful to adopt every American president and they also plan his downfall should he contradict him, but they cannot and will not even consider having a Jewish president and an openly Jewish government. (Now they have nominated a Jewish vice-president).

    “Another matter which disturbs the Jews of the State of Israel is that it is not within the capacity of blind Jewish greed to remain within the confines of the Biblical land of milk and honey, while the region as a whole contains oil and gold. Furthermore, it remains the pawn of its ideological claim to a state from the Nile to the Euphrates following the example of the Nazi military which was unable to control its new territories after seizing them.

    “Moreover, the part of the dream which has come true is sufficient to cause them to move to implement that other ideology upon which Rothschild and his descendents established their historically unprecedented kingdom: 'the Kingdom of Usury, Media, and Espionage.' It is a kingdom which fully exemplifies the parasitic vine, and the lands which they have occupied during their many wars, or some of the land, is the starting point for this kingdom, and the soil for this parasitic vine which will grow and choke with its culture, ideology and methodology the rest of the region whose resources are the envy of the entire world.

    “How long will their entry to those vast resources be through American and European channels when it is they who are the nearest neighbors?

    “The Jews are too shrewd and too greedy to remain entrenched in an error as great as this –the error of non-guaranteed geographical expansion- even if it were the dream of the Rabbis of the Talmud since ancient times, and with or without the coming of the Messiah.” 8

    This is what we said previously. Now what has changed and what has remained the same?

    The prophecy has come true in its negative aspect, for one clear reason, which is that the Jewish psyche is permanent and does not change according to the changes of strategy of war and peace. If not, how did the Zionist State lose the huge profits of peace? And how can peace, which is the goal of every nation, be the cause of weakness and collapse? The Zionist State is now at its weakest although it has not been at war with anyone, and nobody even thinks of going to war against it. Why? It must be a totally internal cause. If this process had been established for any other people, and if those agreements had been forged with another party, it would have been possible to arrive at some permanent results, with reasonable expectation of violation and deception, as we see in disputes between other groups of people. But the Jews have a unique nature of evasion and retreat.

    In brief, it is our position that the assumptions on which the Madrid and Oslo accords were based, were as follows: That peace breaks down the psychological barriers between people –which is a reasonable assumption- except in the case of a people whose psychology is a complex web of barriers: the nation 'on whom is Allah's wrath,' the Jews, and based on the fact that peace is vital pursuit of for all nations –which is a fact- except in the case of a nation which only survives on enmity, barbarity, and malevolent racism.

    Just in case somebody will accuse us of racism, or take us to court as they did to Garoudy, we will not cite the evidence of the Qur'an, or the words of any gentile. Rather, we will cite the Bible itself, upon the prophecies of which the Zionist entity is established (and let him who has ears hear).


    6 According to Jewish belief, God may change His mind after discovering an error in His previous plan, contrary to the Islamic conception that Allah, in His absolute and perfect knowledge and wisdom cannot make any mistake, and does not go back on His decisions. 
    7 According to the ancient fable, the fox claimed that the animals feared him as much as they feared the tiger. The tiger disbelieved the fox, so the fox said, "Come along with me and I will show you." As the fox walked along with the tiger the animals fled in fear. So the fox said to the tiger, "Now do you believe me?" 
    8 Jerusalem between the True Promise and the Bogus Promise, pp.9-13. Unfortunately this text from the second edition in Arabic, is not found in the English translation of that book.

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