Where Is Allah

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  • Where Is Allah

  • 7 If Sights Are Blind, Open Universe Will Not Avail

    Once an older woman was walking slowly, a Bedouin driving a camel passed by her. She asked him, ‘To whom you carry this present’. He replied, ‘This is not a present but a guidance’. She asked, ‘what is your guidance’. He replied,‘A book on the existence of Allah’. She laughed, so he astonishingly askedher, didn’t I tell you the truth, so why do you laugh at me, my mother? Shereplied, ‘O my son, I do not laugh at this book, but I laugh from the onewho does not admit the existence of his Lord after witnessing this universe and what it contains from signs but is convinced with what his camel carries (the book). He said to her, ‘Didn’t you know that when the sights are blind, the open universe should be read (contemplated)’. She said, ‘you are truthful’.

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