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      Conflict Between the Truth and Falsehood

      Once an atheist came to Imam Shafi’i (may Allah be pleased with him) and said what is your proof that Allah is existent?. Imam Shafi’i replied, “The leaves of mulberry tree have the same taste, color, smell and form, but when silkworm eats from it, it gives silk, when the bee eats from it, it gives honey, when the sheep eats from it, it becomes fat and milk increases in itsudder, and when the gazelle eats from it, it nourished itself with and givesmusk. So, who made these things of diverse productions and excretions althoughthe food was one and the same, surely, it is Allah.
      “So blessed be Allah, the Best to create”
      (Al-Mu’minum: 14”

      Moreover, a free-thinker argued with Imam Al-Sadiq (may Allah be pleased with him) concerning the existence of Allah the Almighty. The Imam saidto him, “Did you sail across the sea before?” He replied “yes”. The Imamsaid “Did you see its horrors?” He replied, “Once the wind blew and it wasvery strong and terrible. Thereupon, the ships were broken and the sailorswere drowned. I hanged myself to some boards, but I lost them afterwards.So, the waves pushed me to the coast. “Imam Ja’far said, Before that youdepended on the ships, sailors and the boards to rescue. When you lost allof these tools, you surrendered yourself to the destruction, although youhoped the safety afterwards”. The free-thinker replied, I did surely hopeit”. Ja’far said, “Allah is the One Whom you entreated and hoped in thistime. Your heart admitted His existence in the time of adversity, althoughyour tongue denied Him in time of salvation. It is He Who rescued you fromdrowning. He tells the truth as He said,

      “When distress seizes you at sea, those that youcall upon-besides Himself – leave you in the lurch! But when He brings youback safe to land, you turn away (from Him). Most ungrateful is man”.

      (Al-Isra’ 67)

      It is also reported that Imam Abu Hanifa, who was a sword against the sector of Al-Dahriyyah who worshipped the time and ascribeddeath to other factors, such as elderliness and consuming the cells of thebody. One day, they assaulted him while he was sitting in the mosque andthey wanted to kill him. He was firm and with unswerving belief said tothem, give me an answer to one question and do whatever you want after that. They said, ask?. He said, ‘what do you say about a man who tells you thatI saw a ship across the sea, filled with loads and cargo and clashed withwaves and strong winds pushed it across the sea, and in spite of all this,it sailed in a straight manner without a sailor to lead nor a motor to pushit. Can this be conceived by the mind?’, they said, ‘ It is inconceivableto imagine this world, with its varying circumstances, changeable activities,vast borders and diverse sides, to be run without a Maker or a Watcher. Consequently, they were astonished and were unable to pronounce any wordand replied, ‘you are truthful’ Then they repented and returned to Islam.

      As for Imam Ahmed (may Allah be pleased with him), he said that the process of creation resembles fortified, smooth and unsplitted castle, its appearance resembles the melting silver and its inner resembles pure gold. Then, the walls were broken and a hearing and seeing animal came out from this castle, can this take place without any maker? By castle, Imam Ahmed meant the egg, by animal the child bird, by silver the white color and by gold the egg yolk.


      In the chapter of An-Namle, the Glorious Qur’an mentions the following on the tongues of ants,
      “One of the ants said: ‘O you ants, get into your habitations”.
      (An-Namle: 18)
      Do the ants speak? Who told us that ants speak? Is it conceivable that the ants speak? When the Qura’n was revealed it was beyond the imagination of the mind to say that the ants are speaking. During that time the community of the ants was not known and we did not know that ants do have a language to communicate with each other. Until the twentieth Century, entomology sciencewhich has recorded laws, laboratories, scientists and experimental researches.

      The ants according to the Qur’an have a communicativelanguage. It is said that this language is pronounced through particularciphers. The ant is the only sect which buries, like man, its dead (victims)after wars. Sometimes, they hold conferences and have some discussions. The ant is able to numb animals bigger than it through excreting a particularsubstance towards the nervous centers of these sects and consequently, theybecame paralyzed and unable to move. Then, they cut them into small pieces. Before the coming of the winter, the ants store their food. It is impossiblethat this can be done with such scrutiny in a community without a language. Communication allows for the conduction of all aspects of life. Thus, theGlorious Qura’n told us that ants have a language for communication, hundredyears before modern Science even discovered these facts. The ants have alanguage to communicate and understand each other and have a systematic,cooperative and continually moving community.

      How does the small ant sees its way when it goes out from its hole (den)? How does it move? Has it intestines to digest its food? Follow it with your sight when it comes to its strength and starts to carry food which is one or more times its size. When it is unable to carry it, you will see it go back to its den without any deviation from the road and will gather with itspeople to tell them about this food which unable to carry. Then it would return from its dent leading a long queue of ants to the place of this food and they all will carry it, in turn, like a funeral until they reach to their store. Afterwards, think about how the ants store their food and how they protect it against decay. Before the process of storage, the ant splits graininto two halves because if it is left in this state it will grow. The antalso splits the seed of coriander into four pieces because if it is splittedinto halves only, it will still grow. So, contemplate my dear reader whotaught it all this and implanted in its instincts these wonderful skill.

      In the chapter of An-Namle, Allah the Almighty saidaddressing the ants,
      “Get into your habitations, lest Solomon and his hosts crush you (under their feet) without knowing it”.

      (An-Namle: 18)

      The ants’ mounds are highly protected and secured. That is because they go into the depth of the earth and do not build theirhabitations on the surface. Moreover, they do not depend only on the soilin building their houses. Rather, they chew the innermost parts (kernels,core) of the trees and make out of it a particular paste (soggy mixture)like the cardboard in different geometric forms to bear the high pressure. Then they line the inside of their mounds with it. It is not easy to reachto the mounds of the ants, even if you follow them, because they have manyentrances and exits.

      Now we come to the domain of the sea, there is a small fish called salmon which stay many years in the sea, then they go back to the exact river in which they were born. Who inspired them to return to their particular birth place? It is Allah, so, ‘Blessed be Allah the best to create’.

      Through the sea, there are also eels. When this marvelous creature matures, they migrate from different rivers and poles. If they are in Europe, they swim thousand of miles across the ocean until they reach to the remote depths of Bermuda Islands. There, they lay their eggs then die. When the eggs hatchand the young eels come out of it, do they stay in their place? No, theyreturn to the beach from which their mothers came. So, who is it that guidesthem to this way and implants in their instincts these minute details? Itis Allah, so, ‘Blessed be Allah the best to create’.

      The American Jumper rubs its legs or wings together,as a result, it produces a sound to call its husband. Do you know the distance which the husband walks to respond to its call, it (the husband) hears the sound from half of mile and moves six hundred tons of air. So, who didprepare it with these marvelous capabilities? It is Allah, so, ‘Blessedbe Allah the best to create’.

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