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    The State of Atheists in Adversity

    When a catastrophe befalls people, whether believers, disbelievers,
    priests, profligates, they become unable to stand or bear it and they do
    not seek protection or refuge from any of these creatures. Rather, they
    resort to Unseen Power beyond these creatures. They do not see such power,
    but feel it through their souls and hearts. Each nerve of theirs realizes
    the existence of this Power, Mighty and Glory, even if they do not openly
    or frankly express this. This particularly happens to the patients when
    their pains intensify and medicine becomes of no avail. They all return
    to their Lord and hasten to His worship. Did you ask yourself, why such
    cases and others similar to it happen? Why do we find everyone who is overcome
    by adversities, trials or catastrophes return to Allah? We may remember the
    days of the World War II and World War I also, why did people return to religeon
    and resort to Allah, even presidents and leaders led the prayer in the temples
    and called the soldiers to pray and stirred up the incentives of faith and
    belief into the souls.

    I have read an article in (Al-Mukhtar, Reader’s Digest) concerning the
    story of a soldier who was a member of the paratroopers unit during World
    War II. At this time, parachutes were something new and very strange. This
    soldier narrated his story saying, “He was brought up in a house in which
    there was no one who prayed or remembered Allah. He studied in secularist
    schools and led a life like that of the animals, i.e., he lived to satisfy
    his lusts. But when he descended down for the first time and saw himself
    swinging in the space and before the parachute was open, he found himself
    saying, O Allah, O Lord and he earnestly invoked his Lord and wondered from
    where this belief descended upon him. “Moreover, newspapers reported that,
    the daughter of Joseph Stalin recently published their notes and in them
    she mentioned how she returned to religeon after she was brought up under
    the umbrella of atheism. She herself wondered how this happened? In fact,
    there is no wonder in this, because belief is something rested in every soul.
    It is an instinctive desire which is implanted in the depths of the pure
    human-soul such as the instinct hunger, thirst and sex. The human being is
    a religious animal who cannot escape the inclinations of this instincts which
    is continuously seeking faith.4

    This pure instinct may be covered by the lusts, fog of desires, demands
    and materialistic requirements. But when fears, adversities and dangers shake
    the soul, this instinct, throws off whatever is covering it and will appear
    in its pristine form. For this reason, “the disbeliever” was called “coverer”
    as we previously mentioned. In the Dictionary of Lisan Al-Arab (The Arabic
    Language), the word “disbeliever” means “the one who covers something with
    another”. It is odd to find support for this meaning in two statements which
    are distant in time, place, circumstance and aim, but they are very close
    in meaning. The first is for a well known virtuous worshiper Rabi’ah Al-Adawiyyah,
    and the second is for a well known atheist French writer Anatoul France.
    In displaying his atheism and disbelief, he says, “The man believes when
    he discovers that, through chemical analysis of his urine, he suffers from
    the disease of diabetes in the time where anthouline was not known. “Once
    Rabi’ah Al-Adawiyyah said, “Such person bring a thousand proofs about the
    existence of Allah. She laughed and said, “One proof is enough” she was asked,
    what is it? She replied, “If you were walking in the desert alone and your
    foot tripped and you fell in a well from which you are not able to get out.
    What would you then do? He replied, “I would call, O Allah?” She replied,
    “This is the Proof”. Moreover, it was Stalin who said “There is no god and
    life is material and the religion is a fly which sucks the blood of the peoples”.
    When the became weak before the horrors and blazing fire of World War II,
    he ordered the priests to be released from the prisons to supplicate Allah
    for him to achieve victory. The same thing was done by him due to the serious
    pains of the disease and the trials of the death.5

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