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  • 6. Indisputable Evidence

    The future of Jerusalem is the greatest problem of the most dangerous conflict in the world. This is agreed upon among politicians, observers and researchers of the world.

    The problem of Jerusalem is the location of the Holy House of Allah, called the Aqsa mosque by Muslims as well as throughout prophetic history, and called the Temple by the Jews and fundamentalists who depend on the Biblical prophecies.

    The Biblical prophecies clearly link the great future honor and splendor of the House of Allah and His new qibla, and the holy, chosen nation who will worship Him who worship there. Wherever we find that House, we find that nation whom Allah promised to multiply, to establish, to make its Faith manifest over all other religions, and to give it power over the kingdoms of the unbelievers forever; and wherever we find that nation we find their qibla and its greatest landmark, the House of Allah whose honor, splendor and holiness has been allotted to no other temple in existence.

    This link between the nation and the house has never been more emphatic and clear than in the present era, and the reason behind it is –surprisingly- the Zionist fundamentalists.

    The Muslims, despite their ignorance of many of their special characteristics and the divine blessings upon them, including this house and facing towards it, do not see the relationship between Makkah and Jerusalem as one of opposition or competition. Rather, it is the same relationship as that between Muhammad –may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him- and Moses and Jesus –peace be upon him; a connection of love, brotherhood, and a single goal. Although there is a difference between them in the level of favor bestowed on the messengers and on the mosques.

    As for the Zionist fundamentalists, the matter is to them, decisive and absolute: Jerusalem is the City of God, and the Temple is the House of God mentioned in the prophecies. There is no choice, or idea, or even existence for any other.

    In this way they have placed themselves in an extremely dangerous position before the court of reality which shows no favoritism to anyone. Either what they say is correct, or else they are the worst liars in the world, and the ones most deserving of that deferred punishment from which there is no escape.

    For this reason, it is necessary for us to briefly discuss the Aqsa Mosque of Jerusalem and its relationship with the Sacred Mosque of Makkah, and to discover the evidence of the falseness of the fundamentalists' claim from the Jewish and Christian scriptures, and from the real world which is visible to every person in the world, and that the prophecies are actually against them and do not support them.

    The story of the Aqsa Mosque is a long one, but its most important features are:

    1. It is the second mosque on earth after the Sacred Mosque of Makkah according to the hadith narrated by Imam al-Bukhari in his Sahih, on the authority of Abu Dharr: “I asked Allah's Messenger which mosque was first placed on earth? He answered, 'The Sacred Mosque.' Then I asked which came next? He replied, 'The Aqsa Mosque.' Then I asked how long it was between the founding of the two? He answered, 'Forty years.'” 10

    2. After Abraham restored 11 the Sacred Mosque, Jacob restored the Aqsa Mosque as is found in some traditions.

    3. The followers of Moses entered it after the wandering in the wilderness, when they fought against the unbelievers. Allah granted them victory and the entered the Holy Land which Allah decreed for them, as is found in Sura al-Ma'ida. They worshipped Him alone, and worshipped none besides Him. 12

    4. It reached the pinnacle of its greatness when Allah granted Solomon the kingdom. He utilized both human and jinn as to build it, so that it could be a house devoted to Allah's exclusive worship. He asked his Lord that “May any man who leaves his house desiring only to pray in this Mosque leave behind his sins like the day his mother gave birth to him.” 13

    5. The Jews call it the 'temple' which is a well-known pagan term, although in the Bible it is called the House of the Lord in many different passages. The problem is not simply in its name, but they distorted and innovated their religion until it became like paganism. The Bible records in many passages that they worshipped 'Baal,' 'Tamuz,' 'Manat,' and many other idols.

    6. It was subjected to great attacks and destruction on several occasions, some of which will be mentioned in the following paragraphs.

    7. The Prophet –may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him- was carried to it during the Night Journey, before the hijra to Madinah.

    8. The Muslims conquered Jerusalem under the leadership of `Umar.

    9. The Jews seized it in 1386AH/1968CE and desired to destroy it as they still do. The most dangerous incident that could possibly take place in the near future is that they could burn or explode it, or its features could be obliterated and incorporated into a portion of the proposed structure which the Jews are planning.

    10. The Jews claim that the Temple of Solomon lies beneath it or in its vicinity. They have excavated the land below the mosque and left it as subterranean vaults from which they have removed tons of buried artifacts, but they have never found any trace of the supposed temple.

    It is a sign from Allah, Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the True Faith, that it may be manifest over all religion, though the disbelievers may despise it, that the first House of Allah, the foundations of which were raised by Abraham, still remains, manifest, visited, preserved and holy, after more than four-thousand years. The prophets before Abraham performed pilgrimage to it, and it was the secure goal of pilgrimage in the time of `Ad and Thamud. During the same period the temples of Babel, Nineveh and Jerusalem fell into oblivion, and the idols of the people of Noah,`Ad and Thamud were forgotten. During those many centuries the Christians and Jews themselves fell into idolatry, despite the fact that the claim descent from Abraham. Yet they search through the records and artifacts of history, and in the end either find nothing, or else they discover evidence bearing witness of the Faith of Allah, not their religion.

    If the worldly adornments provided to America and Israel cannot save them anxiety and sorrow, and cannot extinguish the flame of envy that consumes their hearts when they see that this unlettered Muslim nation possesses truth, and enjoys the blessings of light. Those poor wretches are constantly digging in Turkey, northern Iraq, southern Egypt and everywhere else, but they discover only that which points in the direction of the font of human civilization and the center of world leadership: the peninsula of the unlettered Arab nation. This is the case after spending centuries and hundreds of millions of pounds and dollars, that all the evidence is against them. Have you ever seen someone pay a lawyer to prove his opponent's case? It is only by Allah's wisdom.

    The biblical texts bear witness of us Muslims, the facts of history serve us, and our enemies are utilized to prove our case. But why?

    Because we believe in all of Allah's messengers and venerate all that Allah consecrates, without racism or sectarianism. Our position is as clear as the sun: the Sacred Mosque of Makkah is the Sacred Mosque, whether when Adam built it, or when Abraham built it, or when it was rebuilt by Quraysh –despite their idolatry and ignorance- and when the Muslims rebuilt it, and whenever it may be renewed until the Day of Judgment.

    Similarly, to us the Aqsa Mosque is the Aqsa Mosque, whether when it was built the first time, or when it was built by Solomon, or when the Prophet –may Allah's blessing and peace be on him- prayed there, or when the Muslims built it, and whenever it may be rebuilt until the Day of Judgment.

    We believe in the correctness of Allah's words to Solomon after he built the Mosque which are found in the book of Kings:

    “I have consecrated this house which you have built to put My name there forever, and My eyes and heart will be there perpetually.” 14

    This is the truth. We still –praise be to Allah- venerate this house and worship Allah within it.

    As for the Jews who reject everything but racism and deception, what are they looking for? If they search for the place made holy by Allah, there it is plain as day. They can worship Allah there as ordained by the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, the Reviver of the Faith of Abraham. What would be the harm to them if the submitted to Allah and were rightly guided to the truth.

    If they merely want a building, what is the value of the stones themselves if the rites performed therein are abrogated or false, and unacceptable to Allah?

    If we imagine that their search continues without success until Judgment Day, what will be the result? It is denial of Allah's promise to Solomon that it will remain consecrated forever. So why do they cast a blind eye to the facts of revelation, history, and the real world?

    It is only through the message of Muhammad –may Allah's blessing and peace be on him- that Allah's decree of revelation and sacred law is in harmony with His decree destined within creation, so that the mosque which is consecrated according to revelation and sacred law, is also consecrated is the real, physical, objective world.

    As for the differences of holiness and divine favor bestowed on the two mosques, that is another matter containing great wisdom, much greater than the existence or non-existence of the Temple.

    When prophethood was found among the descendants of Abraham (Isaac?), the Aqsa Mosque was the hub of events and the mosque of the descendants of Isaac. But when Allah removed prophethood and scripture from them, and placed it among the descendants of Ishmael, it was His will that the Prophet be born in the Sacred land itself, so that all the Arabs without exception, would know that he was a descendant of Ishmael; and that he be born in the year in which Allah protected the Sacred Mosque from the elephant of the Christians. When the Christians could not find their supposed temple, and were unable to turn the hearts of the people toward its replacements in Sanaa and Rome, they strove to destroy Allah's House itself, and they will keep trying until they destroy it just before the final Hour.

    The Prophet –may Allah's blessing and peace be on him- witnessed the rebuilding of the House before his prophethood. Then during his mission, when Allah wanted to reveal to him the most sacred rites of Islam (the five daily prayers), he brought him on the night journey first to the Aqsa Mosque, and from there he caused him to ascend into heaven. He remained praying towards the Aqsa Mosque despite his longing to pray towards the Ka`ba. While in Makkah it was possible for him to get around this by praying with the Ka`ba between him and Jerusalem, but that was not possible after the migration to Madinah. He remained facing towards the Aqsa Mosque for ten or so months for a wise reason, if the Christians and Jews would only think a bit. The Prophet –may Allah's blessing and peace be on him- followed what was revealed to him by his Lord, not what he himself desired. Furthermore, his facing towards Jerusalem articulated his prophethood and his veneration for the prophets, and his following their path and manner. Then the command came to him from his Lord to turn, so he turned towards the first house of Allah and the station of his father Abraham. That was a test and trial of faith for this nation of the just mean, and a permanent refutation of the religion and worship of anyone who fails to turn towards the new qibla, and their disinheritance from the Faith of Abraham, as well as a great testimony that the disbelief of the Christians and Jews is only out of envy and hatred, despite their knowledge and certainty of the truth.

    For this reason among the verses of the qibla which were revealed in Allah's well-guarded scripture in Sura al-Baqara verse 142-150, He says;

    Those who were given the scripture know that it is the truth from their Lord…those to whom We gave the scripture recognize it like they recognize their own sons, but a sect of them knowingly conceal the truth.

    Furthermore, we find that the context of the entire Sura leads toward this concept, especially Allah's saying:

    And when his Lord tried Abraham…

    Which defines the Islamicity of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes (of Israel), commands this nation to believe in what was revealed to them, and refutes the claim of the followers of the Bible that they were Jews or Christians.

    It is a sign as clear as the sun that the Jews and Christians strayed from the Faith of Abraham, as well as from his qibla and mosque which is the goal of pilgrimage unequaled in the entire world. If there were even one Jewish congregation per year the size of a typical congregation for one of the five daily prayers in this Sacred Mosque, it would be an historic occasion for them. Yet they continue to search and dig for that which exists only in their imaginations, much distorted since ancient times by their adopted paganisms.

    Even if the Jews and Christians continue to dispute and cast a blind eye on these dazzling signs, they will not be able to reject that which is written in their own holy scriptures about Makkah and the new qibla. So we will mention a few of them so that the Americans, and the Jews behind them, will know that they have no share of faith, and no share of the heritage of the prophets, other than mere claims and vain hopes, and that their pursuit of the mirage of the promised land and temple will never bear fruit other than removing them farther from the straight path and into a labyrinth from which there is no escape.

    These are some of the descriptions of the Ka`ba –the House of Allah- and Makkah –the land of sanctuary- from their holy scriptures. We will cite some of them word for word, and summarize others:

    1. The New Jerusalem = the Messianic Jerusalem during the age of the promised savior.

    2. In the wilderness or mountains of Paran where Ishmael and his mother lived, and where Allah brought forth a spring to save them.

    3. The city towards which Abraham would turn in longing.

    4. Its residents are the tribe of Kedar (Arab descendants of Ishmael).

    5. It is the city of the trustworthy and truthful one, the leader of humanity.

    6. There is no temple therein.

    7. The Temple of Solomon in all its glory cannot compare to the new house.

    8. The new house is in the shape of a cube.

    9. The cubical house contains a valuable stone.

    10. It is festooned with garlands and jewels like a bride.

    11. Everyone who opposes it is filled with dread. Fear does not approach it.

    12. The health-giving water of life springs from the vicinity of the cube-shaped house, free for all who desire to drink.

    13. Its gates are open day and night and never close.

    14. Every knee in the world bends before it.

    15. There is a road there called the holy road on which no unclean person may pass.

    16. No unclean thing may enter it.

    17. Its children are greater in number than the children of Jerusalem.

    18. It is crowded with residents and worshippers.

    19. Kings bow down before it and lick its dust.

    20. The mountains and hills may pass away but Allah's kindness and peace towards it does not pass away.

    21. The treasures of the sea are sent there, and the wealth of the nations is brought to it.

    22. The people gather there from afar.

    23. Its land is crowded from the camels and sheep brought there from East and West, Sheba, Midian, Paran and Kedar. The men of Maarib serve it.

    24. There is a holy mountain there to which the nations come to worship Allah therein.

    25. Everyone there is equally free to worship Allah.

    26. The name of Allah is written on the foreheads of its people.

    27. The people gathered around the house restrain themselves from the call of nature (passing urine and feces).

    28. The man bares his head and the woman covers her head. They cover from their loins to their legs, and shave the hair of their heads (the clothing worn during the state of ihram and the shaving of the head upon completion of the rites of pilgrimage).

    The interpreters of the Bible are at a loss to explain the references to this city, since they do not want to admit the truth. These verses are as clear as the sun, but biblical interpreters turn a blind eye towards them stumble about in contradictory interpretations.

    Sometimes they claim that these are descriptions of a heavenly city, sometimes they say that it is a symbolic Jerusalem, and sometimes they say that it is the perfect Messianic Jerusalem of the Millennial Kingdom.

    They do not understand that through these interpretations they bear witness against themselves, that it is not the present-day Jerusalem as it is known, and that its people are not the children of Israel who live there today. Thus, the light dawns on those who have eyes –all praise to Allah- and Allah exposes the truth even if the envious despise it.

    Those westerners who doubt what we have mentioned need only watch the live satellite transmissions of the annual pilgrimage, or of the Tarawih prayers held in Makkah during Ramadhan, and compare the descriptions that he reads in the Bible with that which he sees with his own eyes, in order to understand why Allah addresses the scholars among his people:

    “O followers of the Bible, why do you disguise the truth with falsehood, and knowingly conceal the truth?”

    And let him consider the words of Christ to the Samaritan woman when she asked him which is the better place to worship Jerusalem or Mount Gerizim [the holy place of the Samaritans] He replied:

    “Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father.” –John 4:21.

    This being the case, it is a matter of scholarly integrity and academic freedom to reexamine the prophecies, and discount the commentaries. In that case there will be no difficulty in distinguishing between the chosen people who are promised divine support and victory, and the cursed nation who will establish the abomination of desolation in the land of the prophets. This is only one example. If we bring out the other prophecies the result will be the same [but to save the Western reader time we will give him the basic keys by which to understand the prophetic symbolism, in the hope that he will bring them to his nearest priest or rabbi].

    A Gift for Jews and Christians


    Followers of the Bible, how long will you keep wasting your lives and energies in interpreting the prophecies in your scriptures? How long will you keep up your fruitless efforts to decode their symbolism and solve their parallels? You contradict each other's interpretations and the same interpreter even contradicts himself on the same page or in the same book. The process is actually easier than solving a children's crossword puzzle.

    If you gathered all that has been written on this subject you could cover the entire land of Palestine. Why can't you sum it all up in one uncontradictory volume? We will give you –absolutely free- the keys to solve all the prophecies:

    1. The New Jerusalem = Makkah.

    2. The Trustworthy, Truthful One = the head of creation = the Paraclete = Muhammad –Allah's blessing and peace be on him.

    3. The son of Man who will come in the latter days = Muhammad –Allah's blessing and peace be on him- since Christ is the son of a woman and it is he who announced the coming of the great Messenger after him, and that he is the son of Man. It does not make sense that Christ could be the son of Man according to the nature of his birth as well as their own doctrine concerning him, since they hold that he is the son of God –glorified is Allah above what they ascribe to Him.

    4. The Messiah = Christ Jesus Son of Mary, Allah's servant and messenger and his brother in prophethood, and the closest of the messengers to him: Muhammad –may Allah's blessing and peace be on him.

    5. The Anti-Christ = the false Messiah.

    6. The beast = Zionism in its Jewish and Christian fundamentalist forms.

    7. The false Prophet = Paul, the Popes, and everyone who claims to be Christ, or that Christ dwells within him, or sends revelation to him.

    8. Gog = Ya'juj and Ma'juj of the Qur'an

    9. The little horn = the abomination of desolation = the State of Israel.

    10. The New Babylon = modern Western culture in general and American culture in particular.

    11. The new Roman Empire = the United States of America.

    Anyone who seeks the truth and the correct beliefs which is acceptable to Allah should reread the Biblical prophecies according to these free keys and compare his results with any of the books of the fundamentalists and ancient or modern commentators, and see the difference for himself, expecting some errors due to ancient distortions and misinterpretations in the Biblical text itself.


    10 Hadith 3322.
    11 We use the term 'restore' since the correct position is that the mosque was present before Abraham. It was initially built either by Adam or by the angels. Among the evidence for this is the verse: "And when Abraham and Ishmael raised the foundations of the House…" -al-Baqara 2:127. Al-Tabari narrates with a correct chain from Ibn `Abbas: "The foundations existed before that. Abraham did not found it, but he only raised it by building atop it."
    12 This is the correct position although the Jews claim that Joshua conquered Jericho, and that Jerusalem was not conquered until the time of David. The text of the Qur'an indicates that David entered Jerusalem after the Jews had been expelled from it (al-Baqara 2:246). Ibn Kathir specifically asserts in his Tafsir of al-Ma'ida 5:26 that Joshua and his followers entered Jerusalem. He cites a hadith concerning the sun standing still for him until he could conquer it. Such a miracle is more appropriate for Jerusalem than for Jericho. Perhaps Muhsin Muhammad Salih will correct this matter in his book: Al-Tariq il al-Quds p28.
    13 Musnad Ahmad 2:176, al-Nasa'i 2:43, see also the commentary on the previous hadith in Ibn Hajr's Fath al-Bari, and Ibn Kathir's tafsir of Sura Sad 38:35.
    14 I Kings 9:2.

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