Understanding Islam , A Simplified introduction to the basic principles of Islam

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  • Understanding Islam , A Simplified introduction to the basic principles of Islam


    Chapter Seven

    Islam And Women

    Honour has been conferred on woman under the canopy of Islam; in a way it has never been conferred on her under the canopy of any other religion or law.

    Recognizing Her Humanity And Equality with Man

    Islam has recognized her humanity, and that she was created from Adam,

    As Allah Most High said: 

    “O you people: revere God, your Creator, and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him, Who brought you into being from one single soul -Adam- and from him did He created his mate -Eve-. “(Sura 4:1)

    It is in the Noble Hadith :

    “ Women are, indeed the counterpart of men. "

    (Cited by Abroad and Abu Dawood , and AI-Tirmizly)

    And just as Islam has made her equal in obligations from the point of view of eligibility for work, obedience and reward thereof,

    He Most High said:

    "There did God respond favorably to their invocation and answer their prayer; He said: " indeed I do not annul,  withhold nor withdraw the fruit which anyone , man or  woman ,is entitled to reap from deeds of wisdom and piety, you spring one from the other. " (Sura 3:195)

    Allah the Almighty said:

    “ Men have a rightful claim to he apportioned the proper share of what they have earned (by Labour or inheritance), and women have a rightful claim to he apportioned the proper share of what they have earned (by labour or inheritance). " (Sura 4:32)

    Equality, as a basic principle does not dispute some of the disparities in Law, which are dictated by the nature of woman, and her adaptability to perform her basic duty in the world, and as dictated by the basic system in the distribution of responsibility as Allah Sanctified has willed it. 

    Protecting Her Life And Good Care or Her

    Islam preserved woman’s right in life and graceful up-bringing and so it is prohibited for the female of the species to be buried alive,(some people in pre-Islamic, days of ignorance used to carry out the barbaric practice of burying alive baby girls), and it prevented negligence in their up-bringing Furthermore, it guaranteed her right to inherit, and other financial rights .

    Her Rights To Private And Free Property

    Islam guaranteed for woman the right to property and disposal of property, without having to seek the permission of her guardian or husband. Allah Most High said in connection with her right to dowry: 

    “ And give the women, whom you join in wedlock their dower with good will. But if they- the women- willingly remit a part thereof of their own accord, then you may eat I it into your hearts and enjoy it, may it give you pleasure; may it do you good “( Sura 4:4) 

    Allah Almighty also said:

    “ And if any of you decides to dissolve his marriage contract with his wife in favor of matrimonial union with another, and you had dowered your divorcee when you joined in wedlock with a talent of gold, you should not recover the least part of it; would you reclaim what is their right by.fraud and you stand manifest in deceit and falsehood.” (Sura 4:20) 

    Respecting Her Opinion In Marriage Bonds

    Islam respected her opinion in marriage, and prevented forcing marriage upon her. Islam forbade that she be inherited as if she were a commodity, as had been, the custom in the "Age of Ignorance.” In the same way, Islam forbade preventing her from marriage at her own risk or for coveting her property.

            For example Allah Most High said:

    "O you who have conformed to Islam: women are not a property to be inherited against their following the death of their husbands; you are, forbidden to copy this pagan Custom, nor are you allowed to ill treat them to force them to give up a part of the dower of the property which you have given them, unless they have been proven of guilty of flagrant lewdness “  (Sura 4:19) 

    So Islam systematized the divorce of women where it had been promiscuous In the Age of Ignorance. It respects her opinion if she requests it -(Divorce)-, to avoid harm and the like. 

    Respecting her as wife

    Islam honored the woman as wife, with good marital relations with kindness, just treatment of her in general; and it preserves for her the right to make conditions in marriage which will guarantee her comfort, and to word off harm from her.

    Honoring her as Mother

    Islam honored the woman as mother. So, it has just enjoined filial piety and goodness to her. Indeed, it made her portion of filial piety and loyalty greater than that accorded, to the father, owing to her burden during pregnancy, labour, suckling and upbringing.

            Allah Most High said: 

    "We commanded to man his parents to commit them to his kind care (and to display to them a friendly and a kind disposition). With travail does his mother hear him in her womb.“ ( Sura 31 : 14 )

    And in the Hadith is the injunction upon good companionship to her, thrice mentioned, and after that the companionship of the father (only once)-(unanimous).

    Her right to social activities and the wisdom in the veil

    Islam proffered to woman the right to social, cultural, and indeed, political activities relative to that which suits her, and to the role prescribed for her by Islam. Within the bounds of this right, which is enjoyed outdoors, Allah has made provisions for her safeguard, Thereby preventing prying upon her, or exploiting her dealings with people. Among these provisions are what man and woman have in common (passion), and what concerns woman, such as aversion of the unlawful glance. By covering her enticing parts, and avoiding doubtful seclusion with a man securing chastity, and honour , in general. Texts in support of this are numerous.  


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