Understanding Islam , A Simplified introduction to the basic principles of Islam

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  • Understanding Islam , A Simplified introduction to the basic principles of Islam


    Chapter Six

    Signs Of Allah’s Honour On Man

    Respect For Freedom Of The Individual

    Islam forbids the enslavement of the free and instituted efforts towards the freeing of slaves who were representing the vast economic power at the advent of Islam.

    Islam introduced a system to put an end to slavery- that is to say, by narrowing the doors of slavery, and opening wide the gates of liberation. Islam, meanwhile, enjoins kindness to slaves while waiting for their emancipation.

    Respect For Freedom Of Possession And Disposal Of Wealth

    That is to say within the bounds of law, for the common good of all.

    Respect For Freedom or Opinion

    Without forcing anyone to enter Islam against his will; and to give him the opportunity to voice out his opinions through whomsoever he chooses to represent him.

    In judicial issues and the process involved, and indeed he should be encouraged to do that in enjoining good, eschewing the undesirable in a noble way, which does not stir unrest nor increase the problem.

    Respecting His Intellect

    And urging him to put it to use to benefit from the universe, which has been dispensed to him in order to strengthen his faith and to make his condition comfortable , and to rebuke blind imitation which is devoid of thought or idea , and expressions indicating it (the intellect) are many in the Qur’an. Likewise, the quest after evidence and proof of the Call. 

    “ Say to them « O Mohammad “: « Produce your evidence which convinces the mind if you are declaring the truth > >.“ (Sura 2:111)

    And what is not witnessed by the five senses( faculties )or sane mind , is not taken into account , nor are the proofs based on supposed treaties( doctrines )which are not evident or clear cut proofs;

    Allah Most High said:

    “ And who is He Who starts creation and repeat it or creates and recreates Who provides you with your livelihood from heaven above you and from the earth below you! Is it another god with God? If so then produce your evidence if indeed you are declaring the truth. .” (S ura 27:64)

    And Allah Most High again said :

    “ And do not gratify your desire or inclination to pursue a subject of which you have no knowledge nor charge anyone with a fault or a crime when you are not sure of his guilt nor pursue vain things which will avail you nothing. Indeed, the faculties of hearin.  Sight and intellect, each and all, are held responsible on the Day of  Judgment and shall have much to answer for. " (Sura 17:36)

    Allah Most High also said:

    “ Yet they lack the knowledge that gives firm belief of what is true on sufficient grounds, and they follow an emotion which they imagine, will direct them them to the attainment and possession of the object from which in their view, Satisfaction is expected but never does an unverified supposition or an opinion offered or insufficient presumptive evidence replace the truth or conformity with fact  “(Sura 53:28)

    As well He said:

    “When such-like. people are told to  come to an understanding by having recourse to what God has sent down of Divine revelation in which He is the guide, and to recourse also to the Apostle for  help and advice, they simply refuse They say : “ we are  quite satisfied with the particular system of faith and worship on which our fathers  were bent . But how will it be if their fathers had lacked the soundness of judgment in the choice of means and ends and had missed the path of certitude! .”  (Sura 5:104)

    Equality Among People

    In rights and obligations, since all of them are of Adam, and Adam is from dust; God indicates to people that He weighs them not by their parentage, lineage, descent or rank, in life, but by the image their hearts reflect, as stated in the Holy Qur'an

    Allah Most High said

    “O you people; We created you from the union of a twain, male and female, and We divided you into nations and tribes and dispersed you over the earth to get to know each other and not to boast your descent or rank. The one among you whom God values most and who is held precious in His esteem is he who keeps God in mind and acquaints his heart with wisdom, and regards God with breast filled with reverential awe. “Sura 49: 13)

    And that racial, linguistic, colour and other differences in this connection, should not be taken into consideration. In this connection Islam has prohibited the Muslims from harming, in any shape or form those who have not embraced Islam, as long as they are peaceful. On the contrary, Islam permits interaction with them, and faithfulness or sincerity to them,

    Allah Most High said :

    “God did not interdict your considerateness in intercourse with those who did not wage war against your religion, nor did they drive you out and oust of your homes.

    To the contrary, He expects you to be courteous to them and to treat them with tenderness and equity and to help the needy among them and those who are weak ; God loves those are courteous and crowned with equity “(Sura  60:8)

    And it is recorded in the Prophetic Hadith:

    “He who hams one of the people of the Book (Zimmi) , I am his opponent on the Day of Resurrection.”(Cited by Abu Dawood),

    Allah Most High said in connection with equity before the law:

    “ O you who have conformed to Islam: charge yourselves with equity and recourse to the principles of justice and exercise your authority and power in maintenance of right, though it may be against yourselves, your parents, or your kindred, and do not he inclined to favor the rich for a gain, nor the poor for sympathy. Rich or poor as they may be, God is He who is more capable of guarding their interest. Therefore, do not be influenced by emotion nor, let the ruling passion conquer reason and sway you from justice.” (Sura 4:135)

    The position of the Prophet,(PBUH), is well known  implementing the law of theft, involving, amputation of the hand, on a noble lady, and his refusal to accept concession for her. He swore that nobody shall escape the law, even if the criminal were Fatimah, his own daughter .



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