Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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    At the same time but in another place not so far away, Masrur was sitting in front of his dining table in his palace. The walls of the palace were made of polished granite rocks. The floor was made of a soft colored silver marble. Moreover, the Persian carpets were scattered haphazardly in a way that reflected a sense of luxury. The dining table was made of precious stones and its legs of pure gold. The plates were from gold but the cups were made from a peculiar kind of glass that is even more expensive than gold. .


    Masrur was sitting at the table, on a golden chair upon which he had put a fox fur. The face of the fox was long with an open mouth. The presence of this fur was enough to create an atmosphere of warmth.


    The maid bowed so as to pour a cup of wine for Masrur. It was a good kind of wine and the smell of it gave the impression that there has been a large field of grapes.


    Masrur turned his head and he picked a piece of grilled peacock meat and started to eat it leisurely. He was not thinking of anything important.


    The wind was blowing violently around the palace but the polished marble was strong enough to resist the wind. From the crystal window Masrur stood contemplating the garden of his palace and the movement of the trees, then he said, "It seems that the devils of wind were emancipated today." After saying these words he laughed.


    The guests also laughed and flattered him. Masrur took another cup of rosy colored wine and soon he felt a little drunk.


    He raised his head and asked the attendants, "Do you know how I got to be rich?"


    They looked at him with eager eyes and said, "No we do not know, tell us, great master!"


    "With each second that passes and with each grain of sand that falls, my wealth increases with a hundred pounds of gold,"

    Said Masrur.


    They sighed deeply from surprise.


    The door of Maqrur was opened again.


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