Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • Story of Masrur And Maqrur


    There have always been two kinds of men. Those who have plenty in this life and those who have not. Once upon a time, there were two such men. One of them was called Masrur and the other was called Maqrur. Often the names of people suit their situation and so Masrur and Maqmr were well suited to their names.


    Masrur was the richest man in the city and the strongest one as well. However he was not as rich as Qarun (Korah), and his treasures were less than those of Qarun by one or two keys.


    Indeed Qarun had so much treasure that it was put into chambers. The keys of those chambers were too heavy for a company of strong men to carry. In fact it took about seven or eight men just to carry the keys. Masrur only needed six men to carry his keys.


    Now, Maqrur was very poor. He did not even possess a key for his small wooden hut that he had inherited from his grandfather. In wintertime it was enough for him to place a rock behind his door to keep it closed at night.


    Actually most of the authors are used to write in the preface of their novels that the names of their heroes and the events that are to be narrated do not actually exist in reality, they only take

    Place within the authors' imagination. Any resemblance between the names of these characters and that of living human beings is not meant at all. What to write then in the preface of our story?


    Our story has got imaginary names but real events that are true to life. Perhaps those events have not yet taken place but undoubtedly, one day they will take place. The matter is very perplexing but it is realistic.


    These stories are based on real life events and situations that face mankind on a daily basis. It is hoped that by reading them, you will benefit from the wisdom of some and the mistakes of others. May Allah make us wise enough to not repeat the mistakes of others.


    Our story starts in wintertime on a stormy night. The clouds hung low concealing the faint light of the moon and the wind blew roughly. Such violent weather conjured up fearful thoughts within even the most hardened hearts. The strong wind moved the rock that had been put behind the door to keep it closed. Thus, the wooden door of Maqrur was opened; the wind went through the hut and blew out the filament of the light bulb.


    Maqrur got up very quickly and took away the sheepskin blanket he had huddled under; he was shivering as the wind whipped his bones. Then he hurried towards the door to close it and put the rock behind it again. He rested his bare feet upon the rock for a while and waited till the wind calmed down. Then he returned to his bed trembling from fear and cold.


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