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    10. Michelle




    I come
    from a Jewish family in New York. My mother was from S. A. but also Jewish. She
    never was comfortable with anyone knowing that. When my father died, she
    remarried a Catholic and became one herself. And that is how she brought us up.
    From the age of 5 I was told that Jesus was also God...? I never felt
    comfortable with it.

    We moved to the Philippines - that is where my
    stepfather was from. And life there was unbearable. My stepfather, to put it
    mildly, was abusive to me and my 2 brothers. The effect of that hard life: my
    spelling is poor, one of my brothers is now a drinker, and the other has a low
    self worth.

    When I grew up and we returned to the USA, I left
    home. I took care of myself by working hard. I never had time for God, whoever
    He was. I did not feel that God helped me in any way, so why bother? I did try
    to get back to my roots but Judaism made no sense, so I let that go. I did come
    across Muslims from time to time but the effect was how do they dress that way,
    and why do they seem different? Over time, the idea of Islam kept coming back
    to me, so I tried to find out more. I read the history and life of Mohammed
    (saas). That is what got to me: such kindness and
    sabr (patience) in the face of hardships.

    It seemed to me that my
    life had no direction, so I went to learn more. After reading surah Al-Fatihah,
    I knew I had come home - this is where I wanted to be! I became a Muslim and
    have never regretted it. I always knew there was only ONE God - ALLAH - and things
    have not been always easy for me. My mother died of cancer soon after I became
    a Muslim. But the faith I have helped me make it. Just being able to go to
    ALLAH with all my pain was such a relief. It is the only true lifestyle known
    to man, and it is the truth and the last chance for us. I wish all mankind
    could come to know the truth (haqq) of Islam, and its peace and beauty!


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