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  • 9. Ms. Malaak 


    I am a
    new Muslim woman from Richmond, VA. I had never even met Muslims before last
    year, and had no idea that there was an Islamic center in my own city. However,
    at that time, I was very interested in Islam, but I could find nothing to read.
    I read encyclopaedias and any books I could get my hands on, but they were all
    written by non-Muslims. They said that Muhammad (saws) wrote the Qur'an in the
    7th century, that Muslims worshipped the black stone, and that Islam bred
    hatred towards women. They also said that Muhammad (saws) copied the Bible,
    that Islam was spread with the Qur'an in one hand and the sword in the other,
    and implied (if not stated directly) that all Muslims were Arab. One book even
    said that the word "Allah" came from al-lot, the moon god of the
    pagan Arabs. These are just some of the lies I read.

    Then, one day, two
    Pakistani Muslim women (who were also
    muhajjabas [wearing Hijab -ed.]) came to my college. I befriended them, and
    then I started asking them all kinds of questions. I had already left
    Christianity when I was 12, so I felt no challenge to my personal beliefs. I
    was a biology major and had basically no religion. I was amazed at what they
    told me, and I realized that all of my previous knowledge was lies. Then, I came
    home for the summer. I got my own apartment and started working at 7-11. While
    I was working, a black
    muhajjaba came in the store. I asked her where she worshipped and when she told
    me there was an Islamic center on the same street I was working on, I was

    I went the next day,
    but no one was there. So I went the day after that day (which happened to be
    Friday) and found some people there. A man told me to come the next week at
    noon so I could meet some of the ladies. But when he said "noon," he meant
    dhuhr," not 12. I
    didn't know that. So I came at 12 the following week, but no one was there. For
    some reason, I decided to wait, Subhan-Allah. And wait I did, for an hour and a
    half (
    jumaa' [Friday
    prayer -ed.] is at 2), and finally I meet some people. A lady there gave me a
    copy of Maurice Bucaille's The Bible, Qur'an, and Science. When I read it, I
    knew that I wanted to become a Muslim. After all, I was a biology major. I knew
    that the things in the Qur'an had to be from Allah (swt), and not from an
    illiterate, uneducated man. So I went the next week and took
    shahaada [i.e. stated and accepted the creed of
    Islam -ed.] When my dad found out, he went crazy. He came to my apartment and
    tore up everything in it, including my Qur'an. I called the police, and they
    came out. But they refused to help. They said "Don't you think he's
    right?" and so on. So I fled to Nashville, TN.

    I have continued to
    talk with my dad, though, because the Qur'an says to honour your parents (it
    does not distinguish between
    Kaafir (a non-believer and Muslim parents), and
    because I remember the story of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (raa). He hated Islam so
    much that he used to beat his slave girl until his arm grew tired.
    Al-Hamdu Lillah, Allah (swt) has rewarded me
    for my efforts. I saw my father for the first time this summer, he accepted it
    without too much commentary. I think he realizes now that he can't bully me
    into renouncing Islam.


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