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    8. Mr. Rob Wicks

    [In the following article, "NOI" refers
    to the Nation of Islam, which in spite of its name, is a group far removed from
    Islam. -Ed.]

    I grew
    up Baptist, in a family of ministers, in rural Mississippi. I went to college
    at Morehouse College in Atlanta, so I was exposed to the NOI, but I had the
    good fortune to become friends with an orthodox Muslim who explained to me the
    difference between NOI and Islam, and the lack of knowledge most NOI have of
    true Islam. Later, after I left school and began working, I got an internet
    account, and started to study some of the religions of the world. I had never
    really been a particularly religious person, due to my somewhat scientific
    nature. I always insist on proof. I started to delve deeper into Christianity,
    and studied it intently on the Web. I was somewhat disdained however by some
    inconsistencies in the Bible. I principally was troubled by the Trinity,
    though. I just did not see it. The one passage I saw as being most supportive
    (1 John 5:7) was partially forged. When I read Mathew 19:16-17, and Jesus
    (pbuh) says "Why callest thou me good? It was clear to me that he was
    saying that he was not good, and only God was. But most of the Christians
    seemed to think Jesus was being tongue-in-cheek at this point. I found that I
    would have to be dishonest to accept this.

    Then fortune smiled
    upon me. I hit a deer in my car. It was out of service for almost a month.
    During that time, I was unemployed, but had saved money, so I could live (I
    also have two roommates). I still had my Internet account, and I decided to
    study more. After I had studied the Biblical contradictions, in addition to the
    inherent idolatry and unscriptural nature of the Trinity, along with other
    things, I rejected Christianity as a religion. Even Jesus did not seem to teach
    it, he taught belief in God. I went a time without any religion, thinking maybe
    it was all a sham. I have a friend who is in the 5% NOI, and I saw how much he
    hated religion, and I decided that I did not want to be like that. I believe
    that God kept my mind open and my heart from hardening against Him, and I
    studied Islam. Everything just seemed to fit: a reasoned faith which was very
    prayerful to keep us on the straight path, yet did not disdain acquisition of
    knowledge (the preachers back home loved to rail against education, as if
    ignorance is preferred by God). Islam seemed to be made for me. A good Muslim
    was the exact sort of person I aspired to be. After another month of study and
    prayer, I decided that if Muhammad (pbuh) was not a prophet, then there had
    never been prophets in the first place. The moment of decision came one night
    when I was reading the Qur'an and I read 21:30, and I read of God expanding his
    creation. Now, I almost became an astronomer at one point, and I still am
    interested, and these verses hit me like a sledgehammer. I became fearful of
    God, and wanted to worship him better.


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