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  • 9. Mr. Samir



    My conversion to Islam has been intellectual and
    emotional. My parents have both been educated at the university-level. My
    mother is a Christian convert (she was atheist), and my father has personal
    beliefs. My family is rather rich. Ever since I was very young, I've been
    interested by political questions. I enjoyed reading history books, although I
    was confused a little bit between military history and politics. I called
    myself a communist, but today I wouldn't say I knew what it means. Over time, I
    learned real politics and sociology, but when the communist bloc fell, I
    admitted my error and was no longer a fan of the communist states. I became
    agnostic, and thought that all human beings are condemned to egotism and to
    ignorance of some questions, like the existence of God. I learned philosophy. I
    wanted to avoid doing the same mistakes as in the past, and so I refused all
    dogmas. At this time occurred the separation of my parents, and also other
    personal problems. To forget all this, I spent a lot of time in laughing with
    (fake) friends, drinking, and then smoking cigarettes, then hash. I sometimes
    took hard drugs (heroin, LSD, and some other poisons).

    Despite this, I passed
    my baccalaureate (this is an exam that ends four years of college and gives the
    right to continue graduate level study at the university). By chance, I had to
    go at the army (we do not have the choice in the country I live in). The strict
    rules I could not avoid there were a very good thing for me; also, I was tired
    enough to enjoy simple things as eating and sleeping.
    Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), my
    mentality changed.

    Back in civil society,
    I spent one more dark year: I always had the temptation of my bad habits, and I
    felt that life was very superficial after the big efforts and the friendship of
    the army. I began feeling the necessity of something else in my life. Then one
    of my sisters, back from a journey to Syria, gave me a book. This book, written
    in my language, is a gift she received there. Its author, who had titled it
    "The Bible, Quran and Science", wanted to show that there are in the
    Quran some things that were simply impossible for a human being to know at the
    time the Quran was revealed. Conclusion: the authenticity of the Quran is
    proved, scientifically proved. The first thing I thought after having read the
    book was: "Oh! It would be super!" -- I was ready for a change in my
    way of life.

    I bought a translation
    of the Quran to compare. Before having entirely read it, I had become a Muslim,
    alhamdulillah. As
    you can see, a psychologist wouldn't have any problem to explain what he would
    call my choice. For me, all things come from God and He had written this for
    me, He had chosen these means to make me accept Islam.
    Alhamdulillah! What no psychologist can see
    is what happens in my heart when I read the Quran: faith has little to do with
    what one feels in front of a scientific demonstration!


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