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    The best knowledge that deserves to be known isknowing Allah. That is why I present to you, gentle and discerningreader, this humble attempt to try to know Allah, Glory be to Him.
    The topic of this book is an interesting yet intricate matter; discussing it is complex and not easy. But if I do delve in this subject, then I must ask Allah for His Aid and beg for His Forgiveness for any faults or mistakes I may possibly make; only Allah, Glory be to Him, has the perfect Ability to describe the true essence of the Exalted Self. 
    Moreover, I was keen on presenting a thorough summary of all the viewpoints of our ancestors, the early believers, concerning the topic of this book which is (Monotheism and the Names of Allah), having the honour of humbly expressing my opinion and suggesting the most acceptable viewpoints, so that we may attain the utmost of the lights that this kind of knowledge may present, though these lights increase day by day, generation after generation through the efforts of the scholars of theMuslim nation, till Allah, Praise and Glory be to Him, inherits theearth and everyone thereon. 
    All what the early believers said, and what the recent and coming believers may say, is but an endeavour; may Allah, Glory be to Him, accept and reward all these efforts and forgive the errors,and we must always confess our inability and lack of knowledge; no onesave Allah has the most perfect and true knowledge of Allah.
    The studies that were made concerning this topicstarted by his wives such as Om Salama, and the Prophet’s Companions,may Allah be pleased with them, who were the ones that were closest tothe Prophet, Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him. Of those who studiedthis subject are also the four famous Imams and Na‘eem Ibn-Hammad who wasthe teacher of Al-Bukhari who is the most acknowledged collector of theHadith, Sofian Al-Thawry, Ibn-Al-Mubarak, Ibn-‘Uyayna, Wakee‘ who was theteacher of the Imam Malik, Muhammad Ibn-Al-Hasan, Al-Bukhari, Ibn-Taymeya,Ibn-El-Qayem, Al-Baghawey, Al-Razi, Al-Galalein, Al-Alousy, and many otherscholars who studied the Hadith and the interpretations of the Qur’an.
    May Allah forgive all our sins and acceptour efforts and reward us with the best of rewards, He is the One Whohears all things and responds to those who supplicate Him.
                                                                                                                            YASSIN ROUSHDY

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