Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The appearance of angels


    The earth continued to cast out the dead to its surface until there was no one remaining inside it. The resurrection of mankind, the Jinn, the devils, the wild beasts, the cattle, and birds was complete. They were all gathered in the same place and at that moment, the whole universe started to enter its final stage of destruction.


    The earth was grounded to dust. The stars were scattered and the sun was extinguished then it started to cool down. The color of the sun turned from its glowing yellow color to red then finally it turned to black. The explosion of the sun produced a lot of crackling in the sky. The sight was dazing and complete darkness prevailed over the whole universe. The stars were extinguished and the moon eclipsed and thus darkness prevailed. The whole of creation stood still. There was no movement whatsoever.


    Masrur was now shivering from cold after he had been dripping with sweat. It had snowed heavily and a thin white layer covered the whole ground. It was a horrific scene and Masrur suddenly went snow blind and so was unable to see Maqrur or to distinguish things.


    The sky fell down to the earth and it was broken asunder. The divine ordinance decreed that all the ruling laws of the universal should be broken up and that was exactly what had happened. The sky cleft asunder after it had been removed by Allah, the Omnipotent. The sky became as molten brass and its color turned into silver that was mixed with a terrifying yellow color. Finally, it turned into red.


    After the heavens were cleft asunder and its gates were opened the angels started to appear. They were celebrating Allah's praise and extolling His Holiness despite being overwhelmed with fear and terror.


    Masrur's heart was beating severely like drums that beat in the still night bearing ominous tidings of severe chastisement. Masrur was unaware of how much time had passed in such terror. He was also unaware of how long it had taken since he had been raised to life till the sky was cleft asunder.


    What had surprised him most was still being alive in spite of all that he had witnessed. He was terrified to think that he would never die again. This idea filled him with horror and panic even

    More than he was affected by the horrors of that momentous day. Maqrur was trembling with fear and celebrating the praises of his Lord, the Most Kind

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