Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • Escape

    The sun approached more and more. The earth stretched out more and more. The whole of creation started to flee. Some of them were escaping from each other. Masrur has been separated

    From Maqrur. He could no longer find him and started to run away towards the left. Mankind, Jinn, wild beasts, and birds were mingled together.


    - It was the crack of explosions, the tremendous upheaval that was taking place as well as the total destruction of all the elements of nature and the severe quaking of the earth, which drove the whole of creation to flee. Masrur also fled in terror, seeking some kind of rescue. Unfortunately, everything was over. He was filled with utter despair. He now realized that he was running aimlessly. It became clear that running and standing still were the same.


    Suddenly, he saw the head of soldiers as well as the spymaster running beside him. A feeling of happiness arose inside him, he shouted out, calling them and when the head of the soldiers turned to him he discovered that his face was horribly scarred. It seemed that he did not even recognize him. Masrur then shouted out calling for the spymaster, asking for help but he was running away from him shouting out, "My soul   my soul." He then disappeared while he was cursing and insulting Masrur. The happiness inside him faded away and he was filled with horror.


    At that moment he became fully aware that his power had dissolved. He also realized that he was like a helpless rat caught in a huge trap, within this universal explosion. Masrur continued to run aimlessly; sometimes to the right side and at others to the left but he never stopped. Masrur escaped from him and when his mother and father passed near him he still did not stop. The

    grand vizier as well as the head of the night watchmen passed near him and they looked horrified.


    Masrur discovered that nobody could save him and- that is why he fled from his brother, mother, father, wife and children. He too could not save anyone. Realizing that he could not ever be saved aroused a feeling of intense horror within him. Now he was running aimlessly and it seemed that he was escaping from himself.


    The horrors of that momentous day, the Day of resurrection, had turned him into a being mingled with fear revolving despairingly around itself. Maqrur too was fleeing the terrors of that day and he was continually invoking his Lord, the Most Kind, to remove this torment.


    Moreover, the power of the Jinn faded away in front of such terrors. They were running away haphazardly along with those who were also running. The wild beasts adhered to mankind

    And the Jinn sought security but they were deeply shocked to perceive mankind escaping in terror.


    The earth stretched out more and more. Sheer terror and despair overwhelmed all beings.



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