Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The final moments

    What was going on was certainly terrible and very hard for mankind, Jinn and beasts to bear. The earth was continuing to throw out its burdens since the time of Adam.


    The huge mass now realized that this scene really was the Day of Gathering; the Last Day. They were convinced that their old and previous world, in which they had formerly lived, no longer existed. Everything to do with their previous life was now totally mined and devastated before their very eyes.


    The bursting of the seas, the explosion of the mountains, the devastation of the moon, the falling down of the stars and the emancipation of the sun, proved the destruction of the laws of nature that had previously controlled it. The old world was being totally destroyed.


    The huge mass of beings now came to know that they were watching the final moments of their former universe. The clatter of debris as the universe fell down in prostration before Allah the Only One was overheard by everyone without exception. They realized that the whole universe was prostrating to its Creator.


    As the decisive moment approached, they felt that the external terror of the scene was coupled with an internal horror within their souls. The sun approached the earth and Masrur approached Maqrur fearfully and asked, "What is happening to the sun'?"


    Maqrur was contemplating the sun while it was approaching the earth and he noticed that the more it approached the more it enlarged. Maqrur was struck dumb by the terror of the scene he

    had just witnessed and so he did not reply to Masrur's question.


    There had been a sudden rise in temperature after the sun approached the earth. The whole creation started to sweat. Their bodies were dripping. The sweat mingled with the hot sand of explosions till Masrur felt as if he was walking in boiling water. Masrur's sweat had risen until it reached his knees, and his legs became very heavy. He was greatly surprised when he looked at Maqrur who was sweating too but not as much as him.


    The sun came nearer to the earth and Masrur's legs became heavier. His sweat swelled around him until it reached his chest. However, when he looked again at Maqrur, he noticed that his

    Sweat had only reached his ankles. Masrur felt that he was surely drowning and dying too. He was being led to a sense of deep despair.


    To him, even death would be a blessing and a great comfort compared to his suffering now. He realized that death was an unattainable wish. The sweat rose until it reached his neck but in spite of that he kept on walking.


    The idea that he might be drowned in his sweat was incomprehensible to him. The sun continued to approach more and more. Extreme horror overwhelmed the whole of creation so they started to run away.


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