Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The Bridge of As-Sirat

    Before the command was issued for all people to cross over as-Sirat, a caller said, "Bring death."


    A black animal that was similar to a ram was brought.


    The caller said loudly, "Slaughter death."


    The angels stroke death with their wings that were similar to lightning, Death started to die and then it completely vanished.


    The caller said, "Now it is a new and everlasting life where you will find no death at all."


    The command was issued for people to cross. The believers rushed onto the bridge whereas the unbelievers moved backwards. Masrur drew back with the unbelievers, wearing a garment of tar.


    He did not know how he came to wear this garment. All he knew was that the final words about death struck his soul and preoccupied his mind with horror.


    Masrur asked himself, "What does slaughtering death mean?"


    Actually his final and only hope was to die. He hoped to die when the Day of Judgment started and when its great events took place. He hoped to die when the angels began to judge him and when he stood before Allah, the Almighty, behind the veil of fear. However, unfortunately, he did not die. Death was his final refuge; by its destruction his hopes vanished forever.


    Maqrur looked at as-Sirat and he saw flames and blazes coming out from beneath it like a hungry monster that opens its mouth to swallow a long -awaited prey.


    The Hell-fire was almost bursting with fury and its blaze was trembling out of fear of Allah's torment if it did not perform its duty.


    Maqrur talked to himself saying, "If the Hell-fire is trembling out of fear of Allah then what about us!"


    Masrur contemplated as-Sirat. It was very long without end. Its width appeared to be that of a hair. The angels started to push him forwards to cross it.


    An angel said to him, "You are in a very distinguished group. You are with Pharaoh, Qarun and Haman. Are you not the great master? Was it not your title in the worldly life? Damn you all, how did you dare to defy Allah, the Almighty?!"


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