Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • Oh servant!

    The angels brought Maqrur to the Throne and set him behind the veil of mercy.


    Almighty Allah said to him, "O servant, say what you want.


    " Maqrur said, "You are Blessed and Exalted. I am your humble servant and no one knows my humbleness but you. I am your poor servant and no one knows my poverty but you. I am your weak servant and no one knows my weakness but you. I sought refuge with you from my humbleness. So you enhanced me with knowledge and monotheism. I sought refuge with you from my poverty. So you enriched me with celebrating Your Praise. I sought refuge with you from my weakness. So you strengthened me with Islam. I am humble, poor and weak within myself. However, I am noble, rich and strong by your sustenance. O Allah, I came with my sins and wrongdoings but I did not find them in my book of reckoning!"


    Allah, the Almighty, said, '7 kept it secret for you in the worldly me, and I forgive you today. We accepted your repentance and Forgave all your sins and wrongdoings. We changed your bad deeds into good ones as a result of your sincere repentance."


    Masrur prostrated himself before Allah while he was crying.


    Allah, the most exalted, announced, "Glorified and Exalted be I above all that which they associate as partners with Me! I am the Rich (Free of all wants). He who associates partners with Allah should take his reward from these partners as Allah has nothing for him but the Hell-fire. "


    The scene was tremendous. All the books of reckoning exposed what they had done. Also, all intentions were recorded and registered. What sort of book is this that leaves neither a small thing nor a great thing but has it recorded with numbers!


    Angels began to judge everybody according to his mind, knowledge and circumstances. Humankind and Jinn sought the intercession of the Prophets and the angels. Allah the Almighty called everybody to prostrate. The believers prostrated, but when the unbelievers tried to do so they could not.


    At that moment it became clear that the Hell-tire was kindled and prepared for the unbelievers.


    The angels started to set up as-Sirat (the Path). It is extended above the Hell-tire and at its end there is Paradise. It seemed to the believers to be a wide bridge that could be crossed easily by Allah's Mercy. As for the unbelievers it seemed to be like a hair.


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