Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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    The angels summoned Maqrur to face Masrur.


    They asked Masrur (the culprit), "This man (Maqrur) had no sin, as you thought, but he believes in Allah, the Almighty, and the Hereafter. Why did you kill him? Why did you order your Servants to bum him? You punished him with fire, no one tortures with fire but Allah, the Lord of Hell-fire and Paradise."


    Masrur said, "I admit that I was reckless in murdering him. It seems that he is a kindhearted man. However, I am not completely responsible of this wrongdoing, so all the responsibility does not Fall on me! The system that rules all of us murdered him as well as me."


    Masrur was defending himself and Maqrur felt great pity for him. At that time everything was revealed. Maqrur has no need to hate or to feel hatred towards anybody as Allah removed from his heart any sense of human grudge and injury. As for Masrur, his hatred and grudge was increasing with every moment that passed. The more angels asked him questions and the more his followers, viziers and soldiers renounced him, the more he hated himself.


    Then an idea crossed his mind and he regarded it as the final chance for his salvation. He said to the Angels of Judgment, "Actually, I did not commit these awful deeds. Satan induced and deluded me. He alone bears the main responsibility."


    Satan came as a witness. Masrur said to him, "You are solely responsible for these crimes, aren't you?"


    Satan answered him ironically, "Did I ride you like camels and drive you into sins?! I made nothing but call you and you responded to me and I have no authority over you more than

    That. I am free of you. I do fear Allah the Lord of the Worlds. So, do not blame me but blame yourself."


    Masrur denied his crimes and was busy defending himself. When the Angels of Judgment felt that he would continue his denial they relegated the entire case to Allah, the Almighty.


    Hearing the name of Allah Masrur began to moan and cry, as he did not want to meet Him. Masrur begged the angels to do with him as they chose. He appealed to them to break him asunder and throw him to the hungry lions but not to take him to Allah, the Omnipotent.


    Regardless of his appeals the angels carried him to the Throne and set him behind the veil of fear. Almighty Allah judged Masrur without a word or a look.


    Allah, the Almighty, Said to him, "Did I not create you? Did I not bestow many blessings on you? Did I not ordain for you? How did you dare to commit such sins?"


    Masrur could not utter a word. However, his organs started to talk. Masrur was astonished when he realized that his brain, heart and skin talked and witnessed against him.


    Masrur remained for a long time to be judged before his Lord. Thus, Masrur was convinced that he was going to perish.

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