Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The trial


    Masrur's trial began. It was said to him, "You are accused of blasphemy. You corrupted your people, restricted their freedom and controlled their will. You allowed nobody to oppose your

    unjust decisions. You attributed majesty and honor to yourself although these two features belong only to Allah, the Almighty. Now, what is your defence?"


    Masrur replied, "I am not the only one responsible for these allegations. My viziers, the spymaster and the chief of night watchmen are also responsible. I want them to be summoned as witnesses."


    The angels summoned them.


    Masrur began to argue with his grand vizier. The grand vizier spoke impudently to Masrur by saying, "We did not deceive you. Rather you compelled us to follow your steps blindly. You destroyed us as you destroyed yourself."


    Then Masrur turned to the spymaster and said to him, "You deceived me by claiming that false conspiracies were in circulation and that these required the murder of many innocent persons, didn't you?"


    The spymaster replied, "These false conspiracies were the product of your ripe imagination! You enjoyed hearing them from us as a mark of our loyalty to you."


    Anguish overwhelmed Masrur and he began to slap his face saying, "Why did they not oppose and advise me? I imagined their silence as a mark of content. Alas, these dogs mined me as

    my people did when they endured our tyranny. If they had not endured us it would be better for all of us now."


    Masrur continued uttering such words in a miserable way. He felt hatred and a sense of grudge against them all, as well as against himself.


    Their argument continued to the point where each one of them tried to strangle the other. The angels ordered them to stop this behavior and to be well mannered.


    Masrur's balance of good deeds was very light. He was sure he would be condemned.


    Then the angels addressed him saying, "Almighty Allah created people and made them free, but you restricted their freedom through a pack of lies, fallacies and illusions. You over-estimated hypocrisy rather than the values of truth and courage. In a word, you changed the system of life. Now, what is your defence?"


    The trial continued. The angels accused him of blasphemy, hoarding gold and silver, changing the system of life and murdering innocent people. However, he denied all these accusations and horrible crimes.


    The angels of judgment began to ask him about his heinous crime against Maqrur.


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