Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

  • The Death of Maqrur

    While Masrur was suffering the agonies of death, Maqrur was being tied to a wooden column in a crematorium, which was prepared for him. He was to be burnt. At first, Maqrur was terrified when he was about to enter the fire but then unexpectedly, he encountered a strange being standing in front of him.


    He was told, "Do not be afraid! Come on, you will not feel any pain and you will not die."


    Maqrur asked quietly, "Who are you?"


    "I came to you bearing glad tidings," came the reply.


    "What are those glad tidings?   Are you the angel of death?"




    Maqrur said, "If I am going to be burnt to death, does this mean that Allah has accepted my repentance?"


    The angel said, "You will not be burnt to death, your life will end before the fire reaches you."


    "I wish I could be burnt in the cause of Allah."


    "Do not despair! You are welcomed in the Hereafter. So grieve no longer."


    Suddenly everything was become clear to Maqrur. His senses returned and he felt the sweat smell of basil. As soon as the face of the angel of death presented himself, Maqrur's spirit left his body, and his soul remained alive and contemplated the beautiful face of the angel of death.


    The executioner of the crematorium cried out addressing the commander of the prison, "Sir, the accused has died. Shall we burn him?"


    The commander of the prison said, "It seems that he was afraid, so pour some water upon his face to wake him up then burn him. After that bury him in the tomb of the prison."


    At the same moment, the angel of death finished taking the soul of Masrur and the movement of his body faded away. One of the maids started to wail. So the grand vizier ordered her to leave the room as well as all the attendants. Only the spymaster and the chief of the night watchmen remained.


    Being alone in the room with them he said, "People will say that the great master has died. This is not true, tell them that he has gone somewhere and will return after a while. Now, you have to bury the corpse secretly within the tomb of the prison and the master's marble tomb should stay empty so as to convince people that he is still alive."


    Late at night, the spymaster as well as the chief of the night watchmen carried the corpse in total secrecy and put it near to that of Maqrur, which had been placed there a few minutes before.


    Ironically, Masrur and Maqrur were buried together within the same tomb and the door was closed.


     Nevertheless, the grand vizier announced that the reign of the great master continued.



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