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  • 18 The Origin of Man and the Nullification of Darwin’s Theory

    Who is
    the Man?

    Let now move on to know something about our human origin. They thought that the origin of Man was from a monkey or a dog. But, Allah the Almighty said,

    He Who created all things in the best way and He began the creation of man from clay. And made his progeny from a quintessence ofdespised fluid.”
    (As-Sajdah: 7-8)

    Allah honored the Man as He commanded the angels to prostrate before Adam.This honorable status is mentioned in the Qur'an

    “We have honored the sons of Adam.”
    (Al-Isra': 70)


    “It is We Who have created you: why will ye not admitthe truth?”
    (Al-Waqi`ah: 57)

    However, there are many atheists who do not want to believe in Allah. Theyjust want to look for any Jewish theory to justify their unbelief. Therefore, they believed in the theories of Darwin, Spencer, Cant and Marx so as to emphasizetheir animality and to be stripped of their humanity. Such theories, undoubtedly,inculcate in their minds that they were created by chance and originatedfrom monkey, dogs and frogs.

    In his book, Science Leads to Faith, Kris Morison argued that, "The theorywhich states that the origin of Man is a monkey was refuted by modern scienceand anthropological and archeological studies in early seventieth century.He also argued that both creatures are totally different. Man has some functionswhich do not exist in the monkey. For example. Thinking and the spirit ofcommunity: leaving in tribes and nations, and belonging to parties and religions.There are also many distinctive properties of Man; biological, demographic,anthropological, physiological, ethnological and morphological! (KrisMorison, Science Leads to Belief)

    They also found some corpses and bones that belonged to people of different tribes and also their animals in tombs made of stones millions of years ago. But, they did not find the expected chain alleged by Darwin and the Jewish Mass Media.

    In this manner, we realized the falsehood of the Jewish allegation that stated,"There must be a missing link between Man and animal."

    Dr. Wallace denied the creation of Man by evolution. He said, "Evolutioncannot be plausible. Man was created separately."

    Virjo also said, "We have observed that man and monkey are completely differentwe cannot assume that Man belongs to monkey or any other origin. Those arejust baseless allegations and suppositions."

    The idea of the reproduction of a new kind from a forgoing one, as Darwin and his followers believe, is just a haphazard supposition contradicting therecent physiological and scientific facts.

    Eventually, the followers of Darwin declared their failure by saying, "Thetheory of evolution is just a supposition and is not scientifically settled.Only because it is alternative of belief in God they allege it.

    In early seventies, the TV channels announced an international report fromthe university of California in America concerning a serious scientific discovery.One of the archeologists declared that he found the missing link betweenMan and monkey (a human skull and a monkey jaw). Accordingly the universitypurchased this discovery in return for six million dollars. Then they beganto propagate the new issue and ridicule those who believed that Man was createdby God. Eventually, one week after this glaring fuss, they declared thatthere was a mistake. Someone among the research team deceived them. He gluedthe human skull with the monkey jaw so skillfully that none could find outsuch trick without using highly developed equipments or rays. The forgerwent away with the money leaving the university in great sorrow and loss.None today defend the theory of the Missing Link except the thieves or theJewish forgers who often blackmail the people any time and anywhere. Alsonone could claim that there is a Missing Link even between two kinds of animals.Thus, the process of creation remains an insolvable mystery in the universe.(Ihsan Haqi, Creation not Evolution)

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