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  • 19 A Loyal Animal and a Rebellious Man

    When a servant mistreats his master, he is called a rebellious servant. Similarly, when a child mistreats his parents, he is called rebellious. But what is the title of those who deny the existence of Allah? Are they atheists, infidels, unbelievers, filthy or it would better to call them with all of these titles.

    Such infidels are more inferior than dogs. But, if we call them dogs, wethen misjudge the dogs. If we compare them with dogs we will find that dogsare most loyal and descent.

    Once, in the National Circus in Cairo a lion leapt on the back of his trainer,Muhammad Al-Helw and injured him with his own paws. When watching the trainerbleeding the lion abstained from food and remained in the cage as a prisoner.Therefore, they brought him a lioness in order to mate with. But he rejectedand expelled her. He kept on abstaining from food and then bit his own paw,with which he had injured the trainer. The lion's wound was so fatal thathe died.

    I wish these infidels could have such a feeling of loyalty and remorse. Behold,that was just an animal but he committed suicide out of remorse and to wipeout his crime and rebellion. How about those senseless infidels!

    Compare the feeling of this poor animal which blamed itself and those tyrantpeople who persecute the others nations. They are now putting the peopleof Africa and Asia into starvation and kindling war wherever you go. Further,they use the destructive weapons to demolish towns on the heads of childrenand women such as in Lebanon, Afghanistan Palestine. The Philippines andSouth Africa. Behold, after these bloody scenes, they have the courage tocelebrate and demand for human rights, although they have the veto with whichthey scourge the poor and weak peoples. This is the world in which we livewhere Islam is not allowed to rule and liberate the people from all thesekinds of slavery.

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