Where Is Allah

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  • Where Is Allah

  • 20 Awful Schemes to Make the People Doubt

    In the students conference which was held in 1865 in Leinberg,Germany (one of the main centers of Zionism) the well known Masonist, Samueldeclared the following:

    "Man has to overcome God, to fight Him and burn the heavens and tear themlike papers."

    Behold! Those atheists now show themselves, more than that they send theirspies to the Middle East, client companies, goods and their intellectual andeconomical invasion.

    Allah the Almighty says in Qudsi Hadith,

    “O son of Adam! If you remember Me, I will remember you. But if you forget Me, I will forget you. O who feeds you in your mother’s womb. I dispose your affairs until I blow My Spirit into you. But when giveyou life in the world you commit sins. This is not the recompense of thefavor.”
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