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  • 21 Joys of Belief

    Only those who know Allah taste the joys of belief. Some righteous men said, "Sometimes my heart is so pleased that I say it is enough for the people of Paradise to live in such blessed state." Another righteous man said, "lf the kings realized how happy we are they will fight us by swords." And yet another righteous man said, "Sometimes my heart is so joy that it vibrates out of ecstasy from being near to Allah."

    The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said,

    “He who accepts Allah as Lord, Islam as religion and Muhammadas a Prophet and Messenger, he tastes the joys of belief.”

    Once the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked one of his Companionshow are you this morning? He replied, 'I become a believer in Allah.' He(the Prophet) said, 'Every speech (act) should have a reality what aboutyours?' 'Every day I think that I will live no longer than evening,' he replied.I also imagine that I could see the people of Paradise blessed therein whilethe people of the Hell-Fire crying. I imagine also that Lord's Throne isso evident that I could see it when judging. The Prophet commented.

    “You knew (the reality) then apply it and keep on.”

    Some early Muslim said, "I see the Paradise and the Hell-Fire as real asthey are." He was asked, how? He replied, 'The Messenger of Allah (Peaceand blessings be upon him) saw them. Therefore, I see them with his sights,and his is more plausible than mine. This is because my sight may swervewhen seeing them but the Prophet's sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong.Such people are so pleased in this world and the next because of their belief.

    A nomad was told when he was suffering from a fatal disease, 'You are goingto die.' Where shall I go thereafter'? They answered, 'To Allah.' Woe toyou! Don't you fear going to the One Who is Infinitely Good.

    It is narrated that someone visited Imam Ahmad to ask for advice. Imam Ahmadsaid:

    1- If you believe that Allah is the Sustainer, why are you preoccupied withyour livelihood?

    2- If you believe that the Hell-Fire is a reality, why do you commit sins?

    3- If you believe that the world is perishable, why are you secure?

    4- If you believe that the reckoning is a reality, why do you accumulatewealth?

    5- If you believe that every thing is destined by Allah, why do you fear?

    6- If you believe that the questioning of Munkar and Nakir is a reality,why do you grieve?

    Thereafter, the man left Imam Ahmad taking the pledge (from himself) toaccept Allah's destiny.

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