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    Exalted is Your Glory. Most High is Your Power. Why You created the
    mountains, fruits, rivers and seas are beyond man's power. More than that,
    Man himself and all what he has of bones, flesh, veins, blood, nails, hair,
    hearing and sight is beyond his own power.

    O Allah! You made the tongue to taste whereas it is just flesh. You also
    granted sight to the eyes which is just made of flesh. Behold this beating
    heart! How and with what does it beat? Exalted are you Allah.

    I testify that there is no god but You. You are the Lord of easts and wests,
    stars and planets. O how numerous are the stars and planets in Your wide heavens.
    They outnumber billions and more. They are scattered but seem to be connected.
    What you have created is beyond our mind, what about You!

    This is the world You created, what about the next? This is the nature
    of what You have created, what about You!

    Blessed, Truthful and Most High are You, O Allah!9

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