Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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  • Face to Face : Masrur of Paradise & Maqrur of Fire

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    Maqrur was driven to prison, while the chief judge was forced to have a drink after which he was held upon the shoulders of some men before leaving the mansion. It was said that he suffered a great pain that caused him to die and then the whole case was concealed.


    The great master sent a special envoy to offer condolences to the relatives of the judge. Afterwards, a new judge was assigned to replace the former.


    Maqrur stayed in his prison completely satisfied. He did not believe that they were going to burn him. That is why he asked the watchman many times, "Are you sure that I will be burnt?"


    The watchman said, "I have no orders to reply to your questions, I am your watchman not your friend, we are not supposed to chat together."


    Maqrur stayed in prison for three days in which he suffered from a state of confusion. He was distracted between two opposing feelings; sometimes he was happy and at other times he was sad.


    He believed that if they were really going to burn him, then Allah, the Almighty accepted his repentance and decreed him to die in His cause. Maqrur thought that if they were only threatening him then Allah had not yet accepted his repentance.


    Maqrur spent a lot of time praying and invoking His Lord to let him see a vision that bears glad tidings to relieve him. During the third night, Maqrur had a strange vision. He saw himself wandering in a green field that was full of trees, fruit and streams of water. The ground was made of musk; wherever he trod, his toes had a very pleasant smell. Then he saw a woman who resembled his former wife whom he had left after his repentance. She walked in front of him till they reached a garden high upon a hill where there was a strange palace that was much more luxurious than that of the great master. The woman pointed to the palace and said to Maqrur, "When will you come to us?"


    He asked her, "Who are you?"


    She then disappeared before replying to his question and he woke up from his sleep.


    When Maqrur related his vision to the watchman in the morning, the watchman said to him, "Surely, you will die today."


    Maqrur was overwhelmed by the beauty of the vision. After seeing this dream, Maqrur cared for nothing else.


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