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  • (38) The Most GREAT 

    Allah is the Most GREAT in everything for He is Eternal and Self-Sufficient; He is known to be the Most GREAT through the perception of senses and minds, to Whom all Exaltation is attributed. Exaltation is denotative of the perfection of His Self, the perfection of His Self denotes the Perfection of Existence that is attributed to two main things: 
    First: Allah’s existence is everlasting and eternal. Theexisting thing is conditional on non-existence that precedes or succeedsits existence, hence it is imperfect. People usually call the human beingwhose lifetime is long kabeer, so if the person who lives for along but limited lifetime is called kabeer, then He, Whose existenceis eternal and permanent, Who is everlasting must be called AL-KABIR,that is, the GREAT above all.
    Second: Allah’s Existence is the existence from which every existence is derived, therefore, He is the Eternal Originator, the Most GREAT, Praise and Glory be to Him, He is Allah

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