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  • (39) The PRESERVER 

    Allah, the PRESERVER is the All-Knowing Whose knowledge is unalterable and everlasting; He is the All-Aware of every single thingin the heavens and on earth and preserves their existence as well. He preserves all His created beings and their bodies with all the contradictory andopposing elements that these bodies contain. This preservation is attainedby the following:
    First, by maintaining and retaining their existence, by preserving them from demolition and extinction. Allah preserves the existing and the created things that span millions of years, such as earth and heaven, as well as the living beings that last for decades, such as human beings and animals.
    Second, He preserves the existence of things from repulsion andantagonism by maintaining a delicate balance between its contradictorystates, such as the balance between heat and cold, moisture and drynessin the bodies that are composed from repelling elements either in the humanbeing, the animal, or the plant.
    The human being, for example, must retain an instinctive body temperature, the absence of which leads to the loss of his life; moreover, he needs moisture and fluidity that supply his body with nutrients, such as blood; he needs solidity that supports his body such, as the bones. A human being must also have a degree of coldness that helps to maintain his temperature constant. Allah, Praise and Glory be to Him, gathers in the human being’s body contradictory elements and if it were not for His Preservation to them, then they would have repelled and demolished one another, for instance, heat would have evaporated moisture, and coldness would have dissipated heat. Preservation makes the contradictory elements within one equal resisting force, thus leading to a balance, by means of which the human being exists.
    Preservation could also be by supplying what is lacking of the necessary elements; for example, when a man feels thirsty, he knows that he is in need of water; when he feels chilly he warms himself. Allahcreated a myriad of foodstuffs, victuals, beverages, medicines and other things so that if anything overwhelms another, then it will be neutralized by a third thing to keep a balance between all existing things, which in fact are nothing but a blend of contradicting elements. Preservation is also attained by letting man know all the means of utilizing these provisions that Allah created to preserve man.
    Perdition can be darted at any creature from external factors, as enemies; Allah, Praise and Glory be to Him, gave every creaturethe means to preserve himself from these external factors. Every creatureis endowed with means of defence as senses and weapons, or means of disguise and flight. What is applicable to man and animal can also be applied toplants and inanimate things, even atoms. All the means of preservationpossessed by Allah, Glory be to Him, can not be counted save bythe PRESERVER Who says, “..for my Lord hath care and watch over allthings.” (HUD, 57), Praise and Glory be tothe PRESERVER, He is Allah.

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