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  • (40) The Powerful MAINTAINER 

    The Powerful MAINTAINER is He Who creates all the bodily and spiritual nourishment, as foodstuffs and beverages, science and knowledge, with which He maintains the faculties of all living things and grants them what suffices the existence of their bodies. Allah’s name AL-MUQIT also denotes that He overwhelms everything with His Power and is responsible for all things with His comprehensive and all-inclusive Knowledge. Allah, Praise and Glory be to Him, says, “..and God hath power over allthings” (NISAA’, 85).
    The name, the Powerful MAINTAINER, AL-MUQIT is more specific than the name (the Great Provider) which is denotative of Allah’s Power to provide all created beings with their sustenance. Also, AL-MUQIT is more specific than the name (the Able) because Allah’s Power together with His all-inclusive Knowledge are suggested in the name AL-MUQIT. To preserve means to maintain the life of the living being by preserving its faculties and He Who does this possesses power over all things because He possesses their lives; the Doer of all these things is Allah, the Powerful MAINTAINER, He is Allah

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