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  • (82) The EFFACER of Sins 

    ‘Afa means to efface a sin, to forgive and to let the sinner go unpunished. Allah, the EFFACER of Sins, grants people lavish forgiveness, He says, “Hold to forgiveness; command what is right” (A‘RAF, 199).
    In the Qur’an we are taught to pray to Allah and say, “..blot our sins, and grant us forgiveness, have Mercy on us” (BAQARA, 286)Allah, Glory be to Him, ordered people to forgive, He said, “..but forgive and overlook” (BAQARA, 109)“..who restrain anger and pardon all men” (AL-I-‘IMRAN, 134), and of Himself, He said, “..for God is One that blots out sins and forgive againand again” (HAJJ, 60)
    Effacing sins is more eloquent than remission, as the latter denotes the veiling of sins, but effacing suggests the blotting out of sins along with remission, Allah says, “He is the One that acceptsrepentance from His Servants and forgives sins” (SHURA, 25); moreover, the repentant from sins is likethe one who is free from sins. Praise and Glory be to the EFFACER of Sins,He is Allah

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