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  • (83) The Most COMPASSIONATE 

    Ra’afa in Arabic means to have compassion on someone and dread that any harm befalls him; compassion is more eloquent than mercy. Allah’s Compassion is denotative of His Protection to people; He removes and blots out blights with overwhelming Beneficence and Compassion. His Compassion is prevalent; He, Glory be to Him, says, “..for God is to all people most surely full of kindness, Most Merciful”(BAQARA, 143).
    It was said that Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal had been informed that a man overseas recited sayings of the Prophet, he headed for the man and on reaching him he found him feeding a dog, the man answered the Imam’s greetings and went on feeding the dog; when he finished he turned to the Imam Ahmad and said, “May be you got exasperated as I have been occupied with the dog and have not attended to you?”, the Imam said, “Yes”, then the man said, “Abu Al-Zinad told me that he heard from Al-A‘rag who quoted what Abu-Hurayra had reported that the Prophet, Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him, had said, “He, who fails anyone who resorts to him and makes him give up hope, will be failed by Allah on Doomsday and will never enter Paradise”. Then the man said, “Our townis void of dogs, and that dog resorted to me and I feared to fail him”. ImamAhmad said “That Prophet’s saying suffices me.” and went back to his country.
    Allah’s Compassion is granted to the merciful as Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him said,“Verily, Allah has mercy on the merciful of people”, andhe said, “Have mercy upon every existing being on earth, and He, theLord of Heaven, will have mercy upon you”.
    Praise and Glory be to the Most COMPASSIONATE, the Most Merciful, He is Allah.

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