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  • (90) The PREVENTER 

    Allah, the PREVENTER, wards off all the means of annihilation and loss from our bodies, wealth and religions; He deprives whom it pleases Him of His Grants and Favours. Anything that is prevented by Him cannever be given by anyone else. Allah, wards off all means of lossand preserves His creatures against means of annihilation as He is theCreator of all means of prevention and preservation. There is a differencebetween prevention and preservation, as prevention concerns means of annihilation and loss, yet preservation concerns the person preserved. Every preserver is a preventer, but not every preventer is a preserver, unless it prevents against annihilation and loss so that preservation is a result of thisprevention.
    Allah, Praise and Glory be to Him, grants everything what benefits and preserves it against all what may spoil or damage it, and this is done in the way that becomes His Divine Will. He suffices whom it pleases Him by endowments and deprives whom it pleases Him by imposing upon him trials; He enriches and impoverishes, grants and deprives, blesses and distresses. He is the Grantor and He is the PREVENTER.
    Poverty is sometimes more appropriate to a particular person who, if had been rich then he would have been spoilt; on the other hand, there are certain wealthy individuals to whom poverty is not eligible and if Allah had impoverished them they would have gone astray.
    Glory be to Allah Whose Mercy overwhelms His Wrath, Praise and Glory be to the PREVENTER, He is Allah

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