Islam The choice of Thinking Women

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  • Islam The choice of Thinking Women

      My debt to my Creator, whose Bounties and Mercies I cannot begin to glorify even if 'all the Worlds water were provided as ink for me and wood as scribe to praise His Glory’. It is only through His Mercies that my soul survives and enjoys. This book has been made possible by the efforts, encouragement's and duas of many. I am particularly grateful to: Mufti Fahem Mayat (Principal, Madraasa Islamia, Batley, England) whose amendments from Islamic jurisprudence point of view, especially in chapter 3 has been invaluable. Professor Sheikh Awadalla Youssef's (The Rector, The Open School For Arabic and Islamic Studies, Manchester, England) advice to include statistics from throughout the World on the status of women has no doubt given the book a new dimension. Mufti Zubair Bayat's (Principal, Zakariyya Muslim School, Stanger, South Africa) great effort in bringing the book with the literary norms is greatly appreciated. Sheikh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat's (Editor Riyaadh ul Jannah & Imam Masjida Noor, Leicester, England) continual encouragement has been a source of inspiration. Sheikh Ibrahim Iqbal Patel's (Ilmi Publication) guidance on publication has also been invaluable. I am also grateful to Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan) for his encouraging words and duas. I have been very fortunate to have had the access to the talents of such great scholars of Islam, may their efforts be rewarded by Allah subhana wata'ala - Ameen. I am also grateful to sister Huda Khattab (Ontario, Canada) who edited the original 'raw' manuscript, Dr. Ali Dhariwala and Ta Ha for publication. Last but not least, there are off course my children, Mariam and Huzayfa, wife and family who allowed me the freedom, peace and tranquillity to write in the house, after working hours. No doubt there have been many others who have worked earnestly to make this publication possible and for all I pray - Allah subhana wata'ala reward them abunantly-Ameen.  
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