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    Perusing through the script of 'Islam The choice of Thinking Women' has been an exciting learning experience for myself I feel honoured to write a forward for Br. Ismail. There is no doubt that the issue of the status of woman in Islam is among the most abused and most worn out propaganda tool in the hands of the Islamaphobe lobby worldwide. Their barrage of abuse against Islam on this score has resulted in great confusion in the minds of people, including unfortunately, some Muslims. The unreasonable and sometimes paranoiac extent to which they have stooped to hype up public opinion against Islamic Hijab, a symbol of modesty and dignity in Muslim female garb, can be understood from the caption of a photograph in one weekly journal of International circulation which carries the photograph of a Muslim woman donning a veil as 'The veiled threat of Islam!. In a climate where such hostility exists against the viewpoint of Islam on the status of woman, it is of absolute necessity that the distortions and confusion created by the Western media be rectified in a clear, sober, captivating and intellectual fashion. Another essential element is to present the facts in a manner that is understood and appreciated even by unbiased non-Muslims seeking the truth. At least this would repair some of the damage done to the good name of Islam by those hell-bent on vilifying it by any means. This book sets out to achieve some of the above points. The author has taken great trouble to explain the pre-Islamic status of women from direct sources. Thereafter, the status of women in Islam is explored from various angles. Furthermore, present day developments on woman's rights and the 'shifting sand' stand of feminism in this matter is analyzed in some detail. The fragmentation of the feminist movement and its diverse and extreme viewpoints are exposed. The mind-boggling confusion in their camps becomes manifest. Their alleged claims of representing womankind as a whole are exploded. It is necessary for all thinking women to make an informed choice of the way of life they wish to adopt. This book will assist them in their choice - Insha Allah. It will equip justice-loving persons with sound arguments to counter the deluge of falsehood and damaging propaganda pervading the media of the world on this subject. This book will make an ideal gift for all, Muslim and non-Muslims alike. May Allah accept this work in His infinite mercy and make it a means of guidance for the honest seekers of truth from all denominations. May He reward the author with a befitting reward and accept from him monumental works of Islam - Ameen. Mufti Zubair Bayat  Principal, Zakariyya School, Stanger, South Africa.  
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