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    1. Arabiabefore Islam

    1.1 Origin of idolatry among the Arabs; the Arab character and way of life.

    1.2 Makkah and the Quraysh; internal dissensions; Abraha's attack on Makkah.


    1. Muhammad from Birth to Marriage

    2.1 Genealogy.

    2.2 'Abdul-Muttalib and his sons; vows to sacrifice a son.

    2.3 'Abdullah and Aminah.

    2.4 The Prophet's birth and foster mother.

    2.5 His mother's death; the death of 'Abdul-Muttalib.

    2.6 Abu Talib becomes the Prophet's guardian; the journey to Syria.

    2.7 The sacreligious war.

    2.8 Marriage to Khadijah; rebuilding of K'abah.


    1. Muhammad's Call to Messengership

    3.1 His call and the beginning of the Qur'an Khadijah accepts Islam; prayer prescribed.

    3.2 The first Muslims, , Ali, Abu Bakr and his companions.

    3.3 Open preaching; persecution; Hamza's Islam; 'Utbah's attempt at compromise; Ibn Mas'ud recites the Qur'an publically.

    3.4 Persecution of Muslims: Yasir and his family, Bilal, Khabbab; persecution of other companions.

    3.5 Migration to Abyssinia; the Quraysh's deputation and Ja'far's speech.

    3.6 'Umar accepts Islam.

    3.7  The boycott and aftermath.

    3.8  M'iraj.

    3.9  The death of Abu Talib and Khadijah.

    3.10 The first Ansar, and the first pledge at al- 'Aqabah.

    3.11 The Friday prayers in Madinah.

    3.12 The second pledge at al- 'aqabah.


    1. Hijrah and Life in Madinah

    4.1 Prophet's hijrah,' building of mosque and houses.

    4.2 Covenant with the Jews.

    4.3 Brotherhood between Muhajirun and Ansar, regulation of life in Medinah.

    4.4 The Adhan.

    4.5 Jews and hypocrites; the deputation of Christians.

    4.6 Change of Qiblah.

    4.7 Battle of Badr and its causes: Qur'anic verses concerning Badr; Quraysh and Banu Qunaiqa.

    4.8 Battle of Uhud; verses concerning Uhud.

    4.9 Battle of the Ditch and raid on Banu Qurayza.

    1. 10 Al-Hudaybiya and the pilgrimage.

    4.11 The occupation of Makkah; the Battle of Hunayn.

    4.12 Arabia accepts Islam.

    4.13 The farewell pilgrimage.

    4.14 Usama's expedition; the Prophet invites rulers to Islam.

    4.15 The Prophet's death.




    1. The Prophet’s Characteristics and Character

    1.1 His person; his manners.

    1.2 His character.


    1. Status of the Prophet

    2.1 Isra and M’iraj -detailed description,

    2.2 Miracles.

    2.3 Intercession on the Day of judgement.

    2.4 Example for the Muslims; love of him is incumbent on Muslims. His example as a legislator, teacher, friend, husband and father, human being, messenger.


    1. The Prophet in the Scriptures

    3.1 In the Qur'an.

    3.2 In the Taurat, the Injil, the Hindu scriptures.


    1. The Prophet's Methodology of Da'wah

    4.1 Early preaching of the Quraysh; persecution and his response. 'Utbah; meeting with the leaders; Ibn Maktum.

    4.2 Preaching to Arab tribes.

    4.3 Preaching to Ansar.

    4.4 Preaching to Jews and Christians.

    4.5 Deputations.

    4.6 Letters to rulers.


    1. The Prophet’s Training of His Companions

    5.1 Strengthening of the faith; gentleness and forbearance.

    5.2 Dependence on the Qur'an alone.

    5.3 Break from jahili habits.

    5.4 Training for complete obedience.

    5.5 Each according to his ability and taste.


    1. The Constitution of Madinah





    1. Wives

    1.1 Khadyah. Genealogy. Earlier Marriages. Business. Marriage to the Prophet. Acceptance of Islam. Love of the Prophet. Character and personality. Hadiths Con­cerning her merits. Children. Death.

    1.2 Saudah. Genealogy. Earlier marriage to the Prophet.   Personality and character. Children. Death.

    1.3 'Aishah. Genealogy. Birth and childhood. Marriage to the Prophet. Emigration and joining her husband. Rumor concerning her, and the Qur'anic attestation to her innocence. Her love of the Prophet and his love of her. Her person, dress and character. Her piety, hospitality. Her depth of knowledge and ijtihad. Her life after the death of the Prophet. Her merits. Death.

    1.4 Hafsah. Genealogy. Birth. Acceptance of Islam. First marriage and emigration. Marriage to the Prophet. The incident of tahrim. Character. Merits. Death.

    1.5 Zaynab daughter of Khazimah. Geanology. Earlier marriages. Marriage to the Prophet. Character. Merits. Death.

    1.6 Imm Salmah. Genealogy. First marriage. Acceptance of Islam. Emigration and life in Madinah. Husband's martyrdom. Marriage to the Prophet. Life with the Prophet. Children (from her first marriage). Character. Merits. Death.

    1.7 Zaynab daughter of Jahash. Genealogy. Islam and      emigration. First marriage. Divorce. Marriage to the Prophet. Character. Merits. Death.

    1.8 Juwayriyah. Genealogy. First marriage. Marriage to the Prophet. Character. Merits. Death.

    1.9 Umm Habibah. Geanealogy. First marriage. Islam and          emigration. Death of her. husband. Marriage to the Prophet. Character. Merits. Death.

    1.10 Safiyah. Genealogy. Earlier marriages. Marriage to the Prophet. Character. Merits. Death.

    1.11Rihanah. Genealogy. First marriage. Marriage to the Prophet. Death.

    1.12 Maymunah. Genealogy. First marriage. Marriage to the Prophet. Character. Merits. Death.

    1.13 Marya the Copt. Son Ibrahim and his death in infancy.


    1. Daughters

    2.1 Zaynab. Birth, Marriage. Islam and emigration. General description of her life. Children. Death.

    2.2 Ruqayyah. Birth. First marriage and divorce. Marriage to 'Othman. Islam and emigration. Children. Personality and character. Illness and death.

    2.3 Umm Kulthum. Birth. First marriage and divorce. Islam         and emigration. Marriage to 'Othman after Ruqayyah's death. Character. Death.

    2.4 Fatimah. Birth. Marriage to ' Ali. Description of the marriage as told by , Ali. Her mehr and dowry. Merits. Her life. The Prophet's death and her grief. Her sickness and death.


    1. Sons

    3.1 Qasim, 'Abdullah and Ibrahim -both died in infancy.


    1. Qur'anic verses and hadiths concerning the Prophet’s household.




    1. Introduction

    1.1 Who were the Companions of the Prophet?

    1.2 Early Companions; Muhajirin; Ansar; participants in Badr; Ahl al-Bayt; 'Ashra Mubashshirin.

    1.3 Qur'anic ayats concerning the Companions; hadiths concerning them.

    1.4 Probity and ijtijad of the Companions.

    1.5 Companions as an actualized ideal community.

    1.6 Khulafah, generals, scholars and teachers, preachers, the pious.


    1. Their Sabr Under Persecution

    2.1 Yasir and his family; Bilal and K,habbab, Suhayb.

    2.2 Migration to Abyssinia; J’afar's speech.

    2.3 The boycott.


    1. Their Taqwa

    3.1 Abu Bakr's taqwa.

    3.2 'Umar's taqwa.

    3.3 Hanzalah's story.

    3.4 Other Miscellaneous stories.


    1. Their Devotion in Salat

    4.1 Abu Bakr's, 'Abdullah bin Zubair's, 'Umar's,        'Uthman's, , Ali's, Muslim bin Yasir's salat.

    4.2 Salat while watching; Ammar and' Abbad.

    4.3 Ibn 'Abbas and salat.


    1. Charity and Self-Sacrifice.

    5.1 Abu Bakr's, 'Umar's, 'Uthman's and `Ali's sacrifices.

    5.2 'Umar's trying to emulate Abu Bakr.

    5.3 Sahabah dying thirsty for others.

    5.4 'Uthman's generosity.

    5.5 Abu Dharr reprimands his servant.

    5.6 `Aisha's charity.

    5.7  'Abdullah ibn 'Abbas' charity.


    1. Their Love of the Prophet

    6.1 `Ali speaks up although a boy; his sleeping in the Prophet's bed.

    6.2 Abu Bakr in the Cave of Thawr.

    6.3 Miqdad's speech.

    6.4 'Abdullah bin' Abdullah bin Abi Sulul's incident.

    6.5 Abu Ayyub Ansari's stories.

    6.6 'Urwah bin Mas'ud's report to Quraysh after Hudabiyyah.

    6.7 An Ansar woman's concern about the Prophet after Uhud.

    6.8 Aby 'Ubaidah loses his teeth at Uhud.

    6.9 Zaid' s refusal to go with his father.

    6.10 Other miscellaneous incidents.



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