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    Is not the time ripe for the hearts of those who believe to submit to Allah's reminder and to the truth which is revealed? That they become not as those who received the Book of the past, but the term was prolonged for them and so their hearts were hardened, and many of them are evil doers. Al-Hadeed (57):16

    Surely it has been revealed to us that the punishment will be for whoever denies and turns away. Ta Ha (20):43.

    EID-AL-ADHA: A four-day festival that completes the rites of pilgrimage and takes place on the 10th-13th of Dhul Hijja (the 10th is the day of Nahr and 11th -13th are the days of Tashriq). Literally means "the feast of the sacrifice". This feast commemorates the Prophet Ibrahim ‘s obedience to Allah by being prepared to sacrifice his only son Ismael, peace be on both of them. See Holy Qur’an, As-Saffat (37):100-103.

    EID AL-FITR: Three-day festival marking the end of Ramadan. It takes place on the 1st of Shawal, the 10 month of the Islamic calendar.

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