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    The amazing thing about the Christians' sworn
    affidavits (writings attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) is
    that not a single one of them is duly attested. Not a single one bears
    the signature, mark or thumb-print of its author in the so-called
    originals. They now boast of being in possession of over 5000
    "originals" of which no two "originals" are identical. Amazing!
    Little-wonder the Christians themselves label their Gospels as — "The
    Gospel according to St. Matthew", "The Gospel according
    to St. Mark", "The Gospel according to St. Luke" and "The Gospel
    to St. John".

    When Christian scholars are asked why the words "according
    1 are repeated at the
    beginning of every Gospel, the obvious implication is that they are not
    autographed. It is only assumed that they are authored by the names the
    Gospels carry today. The translators of the "New International
    have unceremoniously expunged the "According to’s"
    from the four Gospels in their latest translation. Of the alleged
    Gospel writers, viz., Matthew, Mark, Luke and John it can be
    categorically stated that 50% were not even the elected Twelve
    Disciples of Jesus (pbuh).

    1. "According
    This aspect is dealt with in detail in the book — <!a href="">"Is the Bible God's


    I dare humbly claim that such unattested documents
    would be thrown out of hand, in any Court-of-Law, in any civilised
    country, in just two minutes. Furthermore, one of the alleged
    witnesses, St. Mark, tells us that at the most critical juncture in the
    life of Jesus — "All his disciples forsook him and fled"-
    . Please ask your Christian friend, "Does
    mean all in your language, you Englishman?" (This
    applies to the North American as well) And he will no doubt say —
    "Does "almal" mean almal in your language,
    you Afrikaner?" And no doubt he will say — "ja!"
    (pronounced Yaa); "And does "bonke" mean bonke in your
    language, you Zulu?" And he will say — "Ahe!" This is true of
    every language. Why not memorise this verse from the Bible in your own
    dialect? Even in some additional languages?

    So the so-called "eye-witnesses" were not really
    to the happenings, unless St. Mark is not telling us
    the whole truth, the "gospel truth". Yet he is supposed to be speaking
    under oath! You will agree that a case based on such hearsay evidence
    would be thrown out of Court, TWICE in two minutes, in any
    Court-of-Law, in any civilised country; that is TWICE in just 120
    seconds flat! But a ghost (dogma) of two thousand years standing, upon
    which hangs the salvation of 1200 million Christians, should not be
    summarily dismissed. It deserves a little more circumspection. We will
    therefore entertain the alleged testimonies of Matthew, Mark, Luke and
    John as if they were duly attested.


    At the beginning of course! — exactly as the Bible
    does ("In the beginning. . ." -
    Genesis 1:1)
    — just 24 hours before the cataclysmic events of "a thunderstorm; an
    eclipse of the sun; an earthquake; rocks being rent; the veil of the
    temple being torn from the top to bottom;
    graves being opened
    and sleeping corpses marching through the streets of Jerusalem . . ."

    as narrated by the Christians' Witnesses. What a scenario for a billion
    dollar, record-breaking, film production!

    We must not forget that the Jews are in the dock,
    alleged for the murder of Jesus Christ; and we as Muslims are
    constrained to defend them against the Christian charge, because
    justice must be done. Whatever their sins of commission and omission,
    Allah exonerates them from the charge of murder. He says:





    (Holy Qur’an 4:157)



    The Christian world has been unjustly persecuting, and hounding and
    killing our Jewish cousins for nearly two thousand years for a murder
    they did not commit. Attempted murder? — may be! But murder? — NO!
    By absolving the Jew of a crime he did not commit, we are also taking
    the wind out of the hot-gospellers' and the Bible-thumpers' sail. In
    the battle for the hearts and minds of mankind, "cruci-FICTION"
    is the only card the Christian holds. Free him from his infatuation and
    you will have freed the Muslim world from missionary aggression and



    On the eve of the Passover Feast, Jesus and his
    twelve disciples are seated around a huge Table with their host — the
    "beloved disciple",
    whose name also happened to be JOHN.
    Johns' and Jesus'
    1 were names, common among the Jews in the year 30 A.C. as
    Toms, Dicks, Johns and Jimmys are with us in the twentieth century.
    There were at least 14 men at the table (count them if you wish) and
    not the unlucky thirteen of Western superstition.

    1. Of
    the three candidates for the 3 crosses at Golgotha on the 1st Easter
    week-end, there were 2 Jesus'. The one released was Jesus Barabbas. See
    "Christ in Islam"

    2. A country
    as advance as South Africa, like an adjunct of the U.S.A., has no Row
    13 on any of its Aeroplanes!!


    Jesus (pbuh) made his triumphant royal entry into
    Jerusalem at the head of an excited and enthusiastic following, with
    high hopes of establishing the "Kingdom of God" any minute;
    riding a donkey to fulfill prophecy
    (Zechariah 9:9)


    Tell ye the daughter of Zion, behold, thy KING cometh. . .
    sitting upon an ass. . .
    And a great multitude spread their garments. . .
    and branches in the way. . .
    and the multitude cried, saying,
    "Hosanna to the SON OF DAVID. . .
    Hosanna in the highest . . ."


    (HOLY BIBLE) Matthew 21:5-9

    Let Luke the beloved physician, add his strokes to
    clarify the picture.

    ". . . because he was near to Jerusalem, and
    because they thought that the kingdom of God should IMMEDIATELY appear"

    (HOLY BIBLE) Luke 19:11




    "But those mine enemies, who would not that I should REIGN over
    them, bring them hither, and SLAY them before me"-


    (HOLY BIBLE) Luke 19:27.


    . . . Blessed be the KING who cometh in the name of the Lord. . .


    (HOLY BIBLE) Luke 19:38.


    And John adds that the excited throng exclaimed


    Blessed is the KING of ISRAEL, that cometh in the name of the Lord"-


    (HOLY BIBLE) John 12:13.

    "The Pharisees said. . . Behold, the world
    is gone
    (mad) after him (Jesus)"-

    (HOLY BIBLE) John 12:21.


    "NOW is the judgement of this world; N-O-W shall the prince of this
    world be CAST OUT"-


    (HOLY BIBLE) John 12:31.

    Who would withstand such heady-wine of
    impending glory? Little wonder that Jesus was tempted physically to
    oust those that bought and sold within the temple precincts. He
    overthrew the money-changer's tables and drove them out with a "whip
    of cords"
    (John 2:15).



    The overthrow of the Temple Authority was imminent, and a forerunner
    to the expulsion of the Romans, heralding the "Kingdom of God."
    But alas his high hopes did not materialise. The whole performance
    fizzled out like a damp squib, despite all the "Hosannas" and
    hoorays to the "Son of David" and the "King of Israel."
    All this ballyhoo was only forty years premature. Jesus had failed to
    heed the warning of the Pharisees to curb the over exuberance of his
    disciples (Luke 19:39). He had miscalculated. Now he must pay
    the price of failure. His nation was not ready for any sacrifice, in
    spite of all their infantile clamour.



    The Jewish leaders reasoned that this one man
    had almost brought the nation to destruction. Therefore,

    "It is expedient for one man to die for
    the nation

    (HOLY BIBLE) John 11:50.


    But with all the mass hysteria surrounding him, it was also NOT
    expedient to apprehend Jesus in public. They waited for the opportunity
    of a clandestine arrest. As luck would have it they found in Judas, an
    elected disciple of Jesus (pbuh), a traitor who would sell his Lord and
    Master for thirty miserable pieces of silver.




    In the opinion of Christian divines it was the greed of gold which
    enticed Judas to do his dastardly deed. But he had more money-sense
    then the Christians gave him credit for. As a purser for the elect
    group of Jesus he had endless opportunities of pinching pennies
    permanently. Why jeopardise that for all times for 30 paltry pieces?
    There is more to that than meets the eye. Judas was disgruntled, after
    all those mass demonstrations on Jesus' regal entry into Jerusalem —
    those hot out-pourings of: "The HOUR is come — and NOW is — the
    Prince of this World will be CAST OUT — I should REIGN over them —
    bring them HITHER and SLAY THEM before me."
    Jesus had now
    developed cold-feet. If only Jesus could be provoked, he might react
    with miracles, and bring down fire and brimstones from Heaven upon his
    enemies; and, of course, the legions of angels (which he boasted were
    at his disposal), which would enable him and his disciples to rule the

    From close contact with the Master, he had learned that Jesus was
    kind, tender and loving. But, he was not a mealy-mouthed man; he was no
    milk-and-water Messiah. But Judas could not understand the "hot and
    cold" blowings of Jesus. Perhaps if Jesus was accosted, he would yet
    deliver the goods. To this end Judas schemed.



    The furtive looks and the suspicious behaviour
    of Judas had revealed everything to Jesus (pbuh). He did not need the
    Holy Ghost to interpret the misgivings in Judas’s mind. At the Table in
    the Upper-room where Jesus and his disciples were having that "Last
    Supper", Jesus dismissed Judas with the words:

    ". . . What thou doest, do quickly."

    (HOLY BIBLE) John 13:27


    And Judas took off to put the seal on the deal to the



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